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YES! RT @thevandelles: Here is our first video from Strange Girls Don't Cry by Hugo Dlv...for NOCTURNAL! http://t.co/JuOIoF2y
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Wanna get a rad screen print of this poster?!? Check out our @kickstarter! Only 10 days left! http://t.co/hIRvQUMQ http://t.co/zJINeda4
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Cool! RT @pjsykes: #Bellafea 4-track demos 2002-2003 http://t.co/rAsCP777
about Oct 07 via Twitter
If you haven't heard, we trying to raise some funds for our new record. Check out our @Kickstarter and spread the word! http://t.co/hIRvQUMQ
about Oct 05 via Twitter
Photo: Quite the sunset here at the studio. (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/D9dZzUvq
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Photo: Lauren working the EBow. (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/LeHcKrce
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. We are making a new record! @ Robert Lang Studios http://t.co/2WsmSnL4
about Oct 03 via Twitter
In preparation for @funfunfunfest and OFF!, I stumbled on this heavy vid of Burning Brides -http://t.co/VMsgptgt
about Oct 03 via Twitter
Photo: Adam, Lauren and a @FooFighters guitar. (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/8aNWEoMK
about Oct 01 via Twitter
Photo: Studio, pre-rock. (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/AmeO5t7v
about Oct 01 via Twitter

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  • Josh said:
    read your article in AP and ur my ideal rockstars :) Oct 05
  • greenMan613 said:
    You guys and girl are simply amazing, keep rockin!! I'm a big fan of your music Jul 19

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