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Through Arteries

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Post Hardcore / Electronic / Rock

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San Antonio, TX





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RT @throughmarcello: Everyone needs to know. I'm out of @ThroughArteries
about Dec 03 via Twitter
Today is our Bassist @throughcarl birthday! Everyone go wish him a Happy Birthday!
about Dec 03 via Twitter
RT @coleslaw4life: @ThroughArteries please make more eargasimic music sooon!!
about Nov 25 via Twitter
RT @m3aghankate: @ThroughArteries super excited for the new tunes! X
about Nov 25 via Twitter
RT @theFlemface: I love how @ThroughArteries started off as just another band who followed me. But now, they're my favourite band of all ...
about Nov 25 via Twitter
RT @GabbyBleh: I love @ThroughArteries everyone should listen to them, they are super cooooool<3
about Nov 25 via Twitter
RT @theFlemface: Follow @ThroughArteries because they are seriously one of the best bands ever.
about Nov 25 via Twitter
RT @KLacedUp: Just listened to every song I could possibly find by @ThroughArteries and I gotta say, even with the cover songs this band ...
about Nov 25 via Twitter
thank you so much to everyone who tweeted us happy thanksgiving! how was everyones turkey day?!
about Nov 23 via Twitter
RT @throughmarcello: I'm super super holy moly thankful for all of our fans <3
about Nov 22 via Twitter

Comments (42)

  • Kat said:
    I really like your music!! its really great!! :) Jan 17
  • Patrick ™ said:
    Refreshingly stressful^^ You have a fan May 22
  • Kookies Bites said:
    I LOVE IT !!!!!!! May 21
  • AxL said:
    I love to hear your original compositions. :))) Put some free mp3 on it. ^^ Thanks guys. :) May 21
  • AxL said:
    WOW! Amazing songs. :))) I already download your cover song of ''Till The World Ends'' :) Pretty AWESOME! \m/ May 21
  • Tabzy17 said:
    Yeaaa! :D Tabzy likes May 16
  • Candii Dawnn. said:
    Sounds gooooooood :) May 16
  • ༺ღ ℜaveη ღ༻ said:
    Damn!!! You guys r sick!!! ❤ (ړײ) May 16
  • Tonight We Confide In Wolves said:
    good stuff :> keepitup Jan 04
  • alix said:
    you guys should consider coming to st.louis missouri or to pops in IL Dec 04
  • Wreckingballs said:
    I stalk you guys on all websites... just waiting for the EP no big deal. :-D Nov 14
  • Cute lil Irish Chick said:
    Saw the twitter feeds, sorry but I don't like the Rangers, I wanted the Rays to go all the way. I don't have a twitter, hence replying here. Oct 28
  • Wesley said:
    Check out my band. You won't be disappointed. :) www.purevolume.com/sandsofficial www.facebook.com/sandsofficial www.twitter.com/sandsofficial Oct 23
  • BAKESHOW30 said:
    BreathOut-Evan sounds like you strain your pussy when you make comments like that Oct 16
  • Ben Finley said:
    FML...where the hell is cains ashes? Oct 14

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