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The Starting Line

Alternative / Pop Punk / Rock

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Philadelphia, PA





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  • The Starting Line Talk 'SILYMI' 10 Year Tour in New Video

    The Starting Line are currently en route their Say It Like You Mean It 10th anniversary tour, and despite their reluctance to take interviews as of late, they made an exception for our friends over at Buzznet... Read More »

  • The Starting Line Tease 'Say It Like You Mean It' 10th Anniversary

    The Starting Line are up to something, and it may or may not be teasing some sort of surprise regarding the 10th anniversary of their debut, full-length Say It Like You Mean It. Earlier this week, the band launched a countdown to the anniversary on their website, and today they posted this clue to Facebook... Read More »


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This week's Social Digest is now available! http://t.co/n2ueEzP5
about Oct 08 via Twitter
This week's Social Digest is now available! http://t.co/abdF5LAa
about Oct 01 via Twitter
We added more TSL Fan Tattoos on our Facebook. Check them out and if yours isnt there send it to us https://t.co/AVe8HWcj
about Sep 27 via Twitter
This week's Social Digest is now available! http://t.co/odZ3bgOF
about Sep 24 via Twitter
We just posted a bunch of fan tattoos on our Facebook, come check them out http://t.co/QZ87BdvI and send up yours if you want to be added
about Sep 20 via Twitter
Who's got The Starting Line tattoo's? Show us you'rs and we'll share them on TSL's Facebook. details to submit on FB http://t.co/WZ2PrIgs
about Sep 18 via Twitter
This week's Social Digest is now available! http://t.co/NawWVFT0
about Sep 12 via Twitter
I guess you have a smart phone? RT @DamageContrl: @TheStartingLine my phone just autocorrected "tsk" to "TSL"
about Sep 12 via Twitter
The Say It Like You Mean it shows in Orlando on Dec 22nd and Philadelphia on the 26th are now onsale. tix link here -> http://t.co/q26Jwc3k
about Sep 08 via Twitter
♫ Playing Live: Pomona, CA - Dec 14 at The Glass House http://t.co/gDJchCYu
about Sep 07 via Twitter

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