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Salty Eyes

The Matches "Salty Eyes" Music Video from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.


The Matches are four nonsmokers with radically different dietary habits, unified by the love of stepping into brand new socks, and amateur voodoo. The band's new record, A Band In Hope (March 18, 2008), will be their third on indie label Epitaph, preceded by Decomposer (September 2006) and E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals (2004). Both A Band In Hope and Decomposer are the result of the band's collaboration with myriad producers: Tim Armstrong, Nick Hexum, Mark Hoppus, John Feldmann, the Wizard Miles Hurwitz, Matt Radosevich, Mike Green, Paul Ruxton, John Paulsen, and it's rumored even Teddy Roosevelt's ghost, brought their talents to the record. The video for "Salty Eyes," Decomposer's opening track, was named the number-one video of the week by the editors of rollingstone.com, described on spin.com as "one of the best videos we've seen all year, and was named the runner-up AlternativePress reader's choice video of 2007."

Since 2002, the Matches have been playing over 200 shows per annum, and their live performances-raucous, sweat-drenched, and aerobic-should be seen, not read about (the Matches are of the opinion that unfiltered experience trumps flattering mini-bios any day of the week). Initially, the band honed their skills and gained notoriety through guerilla concert-making: the band played impromptu shows in public thoroughfares, venue queues, and school corridors, inciting a scene before fleeing. Spontaneity is a lingering theme: the Matches still play encores in parking lots, whether they're headlining tours or supporting acts like Motion City Soundtrack, Biffy Clyro, OKGO, the Format, the Plain White T's, Rancid, and Plus44. The Matches are: bassist Justin San Souci, drummer Matt Whalen, guitarist/singer Jon Devoto, and singer/guitarist Shawn Harris (who contributes to Alternative Press and the Aquarian Weekly, and whose graphic company Oxen also creates the band's art and co-directed the band's recently acclaimed "Salty Eyes" video).

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Follow Bird by Bird (new band from Jon from the Matches) on twitter! @birdbybirdband. Join e-mail list! http://birdbybird.fanbridge.com/ RT!
about Jul 21 via Twitter
RT @birdbybirdband As if you didn't already know -- New Bird by Bird song and music video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXhOoon08yQ
about Jul 15 via Twitter
Bird by Bird EP and tour update: http://blogs.myspace.com/birdbybird
about Mar 04 via Twitter
Bird by Bird Spring tour! http://tinyurl.com/yg8ryez
about Feb 22 via Twitter
Best Tee of the Year time! PLEASE cast a vote my way! THANKS in advance, & in abundance. http://ow.ly/15IEV You know the cats to click. -S
about Feb 09 via Twitter
Bird by Bird at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday! http://tinyurl.com/bxbboth
about Dec 30 via Twitter
Bird by Bird updates: New music! Downloadables! and more! http://blogs.myspace.com/birdbybird www.myspace.com/birdbybird
about Dec 22 via Twitter
Bird by Bird sampler released: www.myspace.com/birdbybird and more music coming soon!
about Dec 15 via Twitter
Come see dylan play with @backseatgoodbye in pittsburgh , pa @ garfield artworks at 7 pm!
about Dec 08 via Twitter
Haven't logged into twitter in a while. So happy belated day of birth to @jonathandevoto!
about Nov 30 via Twitter

Comments (502)

  • Sophia said:
    Nice ! Jun 25
  • Bruce William Jones said:
    Nice songs Jun 21
  • Kristina Dilley said:
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Matches-NEED-to-reunite/222931151090670 Like this page! It is dedicated to showing The Matches that they need to get back together for their dedicated fans! Spread the word people =). Aug 23
  • perfectdefect said:
    I have been in love with The Matches for YEARS. Thank you for the gift that is "A Band in Hope". All the best. Jun 03
  • B3kahwo01f said:
    E. Van Dahl killed the locals made me fall in love with you guys. Decomposer was incredible. I wish you guys would have come to the East Coast all those years ago. Mar 15
  • ♠Mi$$ Demi ann♠ said:
    I love you guys. Feb 07
  • DocG said:
    muther eff! it doesnt matter how many times ive heard it...papercut skin is one of my fav songs ever! Sep 28
  • DocG said:
    ive been a long time fan. seen u, love u! Sep 12
  • James Freeston said:
    @Jennifer unfortunatly since August 2009 The Matches are on an indefinite hiatus but you can catch Jon and Shawn in there new projects Shawn - Maniac Jon - Bird by Bird sorry to be the bearer of bad news Jul 28
  • Jennifer Ariana said:
    i absolutely love you guys!! keep up the awesome work! love yaa (: ♥ Jul 11
  • -X_(hello universe)_X- said:
  • JOSHINATOR said:
    Friggin Love this band right here May 26
  • John Barnes said:
    Great sound! Keep on rockin! Apr 24
  • ClydeMindFreak said:
    start s fire!! rock on!! Apr 23
  • ThatOneVictoriaChick said:
    Happy! Apr 22

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