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  • EXCLUSIVE: The Icarus Account Share 'Girls Like You' Track By Track Commentary + Full EP Stream

    We've been jonesing for some new material from the Icarus Account since they released 'Carry Me Home' in 2012. They teased us with a covers session, which satisfied the craving temporarily. And now they're giving us what we asked for - a new eight-song EP! Read More »

  • Free Song of the Day: The Icarus Account — "Iris" (Goo Goo Dolls Cover)

    The Icarus Account are wrapping up their three-part series of cover videos debuting weekly on their YouTube page—and PureVolume has your free download of their final installment. Download their cover of the Goo Goo Dolls' hit song "Iris" exclusively here. Read More »

  • Free MP3: The Icarus Account's "Angel of Mine" — Song of the Day

    Last year saw much success from acoustic-pop duo the Icarus Account, and the boys plan to continue this momentum through the new year. But today, they're going back to their roots by offering up a free mp3 of "Angel of Mine" from Keeper of Your Heart... Read More »

  • The Icarus Account Premiere New Album Carry Me Home

    Acoustic pop duo The Icarus Account are strumming their way into your heart once again with their new album, Carry My Home. These ten tracks are packed with their signature wispy acoustics, melodic harmony parts, breezy pop sensibility and heartfelt lyrics... Read More »

  • The Icarus Account Premiere "She Walks Away" Music Video

    Twin brothers Ty and Trey Turner, otherwise known as The Icarus Account, bring their melodic acoustic pop to a dimly lit bar in their new video for "She Walks Away." Staying true to the song's storyline, the video depicts "that one girl who every guy wants but can't have"... Read More »

  • The Icarus Account Premiere 'Keeper Of Your Heart' EP

    Twin brothers Ty and Trey Turner are in perfect harmony with their band The Icarus Account. With their new EP Keeper of Your Heart the band gets quiet and … Read More »


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Distance just gets old
about Oct 09 via Twitter
What's your favorite song on our new album!!? #carrymehome - http://t.co/KQLrWgHE RETWEET if you love it :)
about Oct 08 via Twitter
We're touring this winter! if you are interested in booking us at your house, church, school, party, etc. - theicarusaccount@gmail.com :) RT
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Wow so happy right now :) 👍😃🎵
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Filling some last minute tour dates in November! email us theicarusaccount@gmail.com if you are interested in setting up a houseshow :)
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Apparently the NFL replacements are now officiating the MLB wildcard games #poorbraves
about Oct 05 via Twitter
For anyone who hasn't seen our "Never Getting Back Together" @taylorswift13 cover :P http://t.co/fnDLrwTW new album http://t.co/KQLrWgHE
about Oct 04 via Twitter
What's the saddest song you've ever heard?
about Oct 03 via Twitter
"I'm obsessed with the stars, how we're all under the same night sky" - http://t.co/N5u7mc5P
about Oct 02 via Twitter
Late night run to Panda Express 🐼
about Oct 01 via Twitter

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  • ftouhii said:
    Wow i am really love what am listening to Jun 18
  • MidnightFoodDelivery said:
    Cool May 19
  • Di said:
    I remember when I first started listening to you guys, it was right around the time that I opened a new chapter in my life. I love listening you ya'll still, the memories I've made and that I'm making are strung into songs like Farewell For Now and More to me. I just wanted to say, that its amazing to know that you are still putting great music out there. May 16
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    very good! Feb 07
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    cool Jan 17
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  • believe.in.forever said:
    Still, Incredibly "Underrated" although I have to say... good job. Nov 03
  • hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia said:
    Kudos~ Quality is quality, and ya've got it, gentlemen. Oct 28
  • Emily said:
    As a girl named Emily, I would like to put a giant "Hallelujah!" on "Emily" because it's a lovely song and that makes me quite happy. This girl throws a big ol' endorsement on the song with my name. (= Sep 02
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Events (8)

Sep 02

Mahwah, NJ

7:00pm at Ramapo College (private show)
Sep 03

Reading, PA

7:00pm at Alvernia College (Private Show)
Sep 04

Springfield, VA

6:00pm at Alchemy Room @ Empire Night Club
Sep 05

St Marys City, MD

7:00pm at St. Mary's College of MD (Private Show)
Sep 12

Allentown, PA  New 

5:00pm at Cedar Crest College (Private)

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