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New album, Post-Heroic out now!        

Indie / Alternative / Emo

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How it feels to be back in the studio recording the new record http://t.co/ZicTuGtq
about Dec 03 via Twitter
I'll be playing a solo set at cafe coda tonight at 8pm sharp, with La Fin Du Mond, Clouds on Strings and Palaver. Go! -chris
about Nov 30 via Twitter
Miss you, pal RT @ipetersellers: Shut up and listen http://t.co/iM9s8TVc
about Nov 28 via Twitter
Getting a peek at some amazing new @Wearebrighten songs. Mind = blown x 10000000
about Nov 24 via Twitter
Any engineers or audio professionals out there with tips for what kind of donuts we should get in the studio tomorrow? Thinking glazed
about Nov 24 via Twitter
Recording tomorrow. Looking to have our new record by early 14th B'ak'tun
about Nov 24 via Twitter
RT @savestheday: Announcement: NEW DEMO. NEW RECORD. This is really happening. We want you to hear this. Go here:... http://t.co/HtuIf9DV
about Nov 23 via Twitter
RT @jadekiefs: @_Surrogate wooo! honored to be the first Canadian to order from you guys! I love your sound, so keep it up dudes <3
about Nov 22 via Twitter
Debating the proper mic placement for the "bag of broken whiskey bottles" track. Michael is available for session work http://t.co/kJIXcUvm
about Nov 17 via Twitter
Daniel M tracking drums for the new record. #feelsgoodman http://t.co/b0oXeA9P
about Nov 11 via Twitter

Comments (57)

  • victoria said:
    I am now in love with you guys Jun 19
  • ronda said:
    Nice work! please check out my friends music page, hes amazing and it would mean alot Mar 10
  • garikals said:
    hey Feb 28
  • Malachi said:
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  • dman said:
    diggin your songs guys! keep it up! :) Feb 28
  • diane said:
    wow, great music! Feb 26
  • Jc Undone/ Johnny Braindead said:
    new style new sound( fr. Kurt Cobain to Johnny Cash) www.purevolume.com/jcundone Feb 24
  • Tanner said:
    really awesome unique sound u guys have. i like it!!!!! Feb 24
  • justo said:
    www.purevolume.com/justobell Free Downloads!!! Feb 21
  • McJamz said:
    all music = 2 thumbs up .. awesome.. Feb 21
  • Ryan said:
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  • Sarah said:
    Love Feb 20
  • Patrick Sheehy said:
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  • ZombehDROiD said:
    Great tunes :) The new Electronica band I Date Androids is releasing there newest EP "Plug her in, Plug her in!" check them out @ www.purevolume.com/idateandroids Feb 19
  • Caleb Thorpe said:
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