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  • Download Sleeperstar's "Emmanuel"

    Dallas alt-rockers Sleeperstar are feeling festive. With their new interpretation of the holiday classic "Emmanuel" -- available now as a download on PureVolume -- the group infuses a hypnotic … Read More »



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In their song "The Journey" ("To Speak, To Love, To Listen" 2007), Chris Pearson of Sleeperstar shouts to the heavens, "If I said that I was wrong, and if I wrote you this song would it bring you back to me?" Ironically enough, it is this question that forms thestatement for this alt rock band out of Dallas, TX. Their music seeks to inspire and to make the audience keenly feel the pleading vocals, the "U2-meets-Third Eye Blind" guitar work, and sentimental arrangements of every song. Their members are as multifaceted as their music. Chris Pearson (lead vocals) plays piano, acoustic guitar, and the occasional Les Paul if the roof needs that one, final push to fly off the building. Lead guitarist Nick Box plays with a stylish exactness from his days as a classically trained pianist while effectively contributing vocal harmonies. Pianist Jake Lester also adds his own background vocals and is quick to fill out songs with a variety of effects, organs, and orchestral patches. Shaun Menary (drums) often keeps time with an eclectic clar- ity but also knows when to use a good old 4-on-the-floor. Brandon Rosas (bass) brings an experienced and meticulously-fashioned low-end to their sound which serves as a versatile glue for every song.


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Stealth Entertainment
Liz Baylog - liz [at] stealthent.com

Buddy Lee Attractions
Brian Waymire - bwaymire [at] blanash.com
Phone - (615) 244 - 4336 (ext 137)

Anderson & Jones
Jessica Brown - jessicab [at] andersonjoneslaw.com

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Literally waiting on 2 emails so we can announce #BlueEyesEP date + release a NEW VIDEO!! RT @izJul how’s that new music release coming?!
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Lost Machines (1st round of Burnett mixes) #LM2013 http://t.co/NG6N5wwC http://t.co/k6YqTGfF
about Oct 05 via Twitter
We you @OurStage RT #OSArtist @Sleeperstar's high octane sound really reminds us of @30SECONDSTOMARS! http://t.co/bnPzCNiL
about Oct 05 via Twitter
Our lead singer @chrispearson just acquired us an additional guitar tech for next years tour! Congrats Pearsons!!! http://t.co/MSfPUfcA
about Oct 03 via Twitter
It's looking like we'll be able to announce the release date for "BLUE EYES EP" THIS WEEK!!!!... http://t.co/WPi8Ayqz
about Oct 01 via Twitter
Waiting on new SS music? While you wait, you definitely need to check out our friends Kingsfoil and & Tim... http://t.co/dbJJWGpI
about Sep 26 via Twitter
We just found this old photo from our last House Of Blues show in Dallas last year!! So stoked for proper #LM2013... http://t.co/iAsqd1Fs
about Sep 25 via Twitter
The "Blue Eyes EP" is COMING!!! http://t.co/HqVxRzO6 http://t.co/GzYXN74x
about Sep 21 via Twitter
This is how it starts!! #grateful RT @StephaniexAllen I made Brandon a cd & put @sleeperstar on it, he went to office 2 buy the itunes album
about Sep 20 via Twitter
Has anyone in the states gotten try this yet?!?! How is it? Boring? Cool? Weird? Amazing?... http://t.co/KAgpQ2Gn
about Sep 20 via Twitter

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  • Nathan said:
    Everyone check it out...Victims Folly new music up this week! Feb 01
  • Mightyjoejon said:
    Fans of Rock/Pop-Punk! Just posted song #4 from my new 5 song Ep!!! Come check it out and let me know what you think! http://www.purevolume.com/Drowninginyourwake Dec 09
  • LastAutumn! said:
    Hey there! I just released a new song called HoldMyHand and I wanted you to check it out! It's like a Nevershoutnever style throwback thing! Please listen and become a fan if you like! :) http://www.purevolume.com/new/LastAutumn Dec 02
  • Felicia said:
    Nice to know you guys are getting lots of plays today. I cannot believe your songs are not on the radio. I have been spreading the work about you guys like wildfire. I played your album over and over and my work and had lots of customers ask me Who are these guys, they are great! I could only find your album on ebay of all places! But I'm glad I got a physical copy of the album. One of my most favorite albums: Just Another Ghost :) Nov 29
  • Jazhar111 said:
    I suggest adding "Carry You" on your page. That song could be a billboard top ten for sure. Put it on the radio guys. Nov 12
  • Chelsea said:
    http://www.facebook.com/officially.PLASTIK please go like them =] thanx :)(: Aug 18
  • Mikey Albrecht said:
    "We Go Tonight" is great song! Keep up! Apr 23
  • paperdaisy576 said:
    www.purevolume.com/TheSightseers Jan 11
  • srhernandez said:
    solid Jan 09
  • Jennie Ablog said:
    you do good music...hahah..and i listed you as my new favorite band. Before it was paramore, but paramore would be useless now without the farro brothers...i just accidentaly gave your songs a listen and i liked the way you compose, play and sing...i reckoned you'll have lots of fans coz what i heard was extremely good music... keep on rockin' \m/ Jan 04
  • yeshie(: said:
    Nov 14
  • Shannon Elizabeth said:
    texas rain makes my heart ache ♥ Nov 11
  • Everything Must Find Its Place said:
    i have your new album and shirt; now i just need to see you live. please come to SoCal!!! please. Sep 12
  • Adam Garcia said:
    wow im stuck on We Go Tonight or Texas Rain as my favorite from yall Sep 02

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