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Semi Precious Weapons

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Semi Precious Weapons Premiere "Aviation High" Lyric Video

    If you're thrown off by the psychedelic, crab-like specimen floating through Semi Precious Weapons' lyric video for new single "Aviation High," don't worry...we've figured it out for you and we're pretty sure it's a pair of stilettos. That being said, your average lyric video this is not, and we couldn't be more excited about it... Read More »


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Life after MTV MADE: Justin and Michelle

LIFE AFTER MADE: Rock Star! In the wake of Saturday's premier of MTV's MADE: Rock Star, Justin and his protege Michelle get together to talk about the experience. Cat… more
about Dec 10 via PureVolume

SPW's new video "Magnetic Baby" and MTV MADE episode debut!

SemiPrecious Weapons new video for the song "Magnetic Baby" has debuted at MTV.com! You can see it HERE. Also, be sure to tune in to MTV's MADE tomorrow (air t…

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about Oct 30 via PureVolume

SemiPrecious Weapons Rock Remedy Interviews on Vlaze! - Episode 1

Check out the first in a series of SPW interviews with Vlaze.com's Rock Remedy host Chelsea Carnell! In this segment, the boys talks about the release of their newest…

about Oct 28 via PureVolume

Time Change on Tuesday's SPW Barney's Party (6-8)

The time on Tuesday's party at Barney's has changed (see below)! Hope to see you all there!For more information on Boru Bar Bands, go to www.borubarband.com.

about Oct 16 via PureVolume

Barney NY is throwing SPW, Justin and Fetty a BIG Party!!

To find out more about the BoruBarBand event, go to www.borubarband.com

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New Video for "Her Hair is on Fire" on PerezHilton.com & Radio SPins in NYC

Semi Precious Weapons fab and filthy new video for “Her Hair is On Fire” is exclusively featured today on PerezHilton.com! The “PG-13” version (available on Youtube st…

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Semi Precious Weapons "We Love You" featured on AOL's Full CD Listening Party

Want a FULL sneak peak at the new Semi Precious Weapons CD "We Love You" before you can buy it tomorrow, 9/30? Head over to AOL's FREE CD LISTENING PARTY right now! You…

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Semi Precious Weapons Exclusive Buzznet Photo Shoot with Raquel Reed!

Semi Precious Weapons teams up with Internet Glamour Girl, Raquel Reed for a special photo shoot, exclusively for Buzznet! Raquel Reed, who is featured in Semi Preciou…

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RockNRoll Never Looked So Beautiful!

Semi Precious Weapons love RockNRoll. Frontman Justin Tranter loves fashion, makeup, and trashy teenage celebs who show their tits on Myspace! In honor of SPW's d…

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Comments (25)

  • TeaSpillingTrader said:
    If any traders would like a snippet of SPW's new album, send me a message with a list of what you have to trade. Apr 03
  • Guitar Moma said:
    Wish I could have been there Jenny, I loved reading the band's interview though. ( http://bit.ly/bC190G ) Jun 22
  • Jenny said:
    Saw you guys play last night in Brisbane. Aaaaaaaaaamaaaaazing. Mar 27
  • @Lysattack said:
    completely killer sound. Mar 19
  • Jenny Barboni said:
    It's amazing :) May 03
  • monster. said:
    Lovelovelove. Apr 03
  • wilted_parade_of_dreams said:
    you guys should really come do a show in rochester :) Mar 02
  • Ka-Rawr said:
    I've been magnetic since I was a baby :D haha Feb 04
  • TaylorMAYHEM said:
    Haha this makes me laugh these lyrics are so concieted. Feb 03
  • RachelSetsHerFriendsonFire said:
    u guys r so effing fabulous X3 Jan 31
  • Brokenpaperwings said:
    boys u keep rocking like u do! U're all fabulous! Wish I could see u guys! Jan 28
  • Brenda Mar said:
    omgosh AHMAZING!!!!!!!!i love ur music!woo! :) Jan 20
  • Premier Amour said:
    this music is fuckin insane.. && i love it (: Dec 21
  • Punk/Hardcorps/loner said:
    Yall are weird as hell, and saying nothing. I guess that just means I am disapointed with myself for loving yall so much!! Awesome music. Dec 12
  • BrunettesAreBEAST™ said:
    soo good(: is very addicting Dec 11

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