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New EP: Little Ukelele Covers, check it out!(free)        

Acoustic / Folk / Indie

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Camarillo, CA





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New CD in the works, finally. I just released a new mashup cover that I hope you all will enjoy as well! I'm messing around with some new recording techniques and instruments, so this new cover (Counting Stars / Summertime Sadness) is a sort of preview of what's to come. Thanks for all the support thus far, guys <3 New stuff is on the way.

I've still got everything up for free and I plan to keep it that way. Feel free to re-upload, send them around, use them in your own stuff (just let me know because I want to see!), cover them, etc, whatever. Obviously though any help is appreciated, and any money donated below goes straight to my PayPal account which I use to purchase new and better gear. If you would like to purchase a physical CD just shout me a message!


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Updates (8)

New EP released: "Little Ukelele Covers"

First of all, thank you for more than 100,000 song plays and almost 50,000 downloads... that's ridiculous! To celebrate, I just posted an 8-track EP of ukelele covers f… more
about May 26 via PureVolume

New cover -- Counting Stars / Summertime Sadness mashup

Hey everybody! It's been a while but I finally recorded something new. I have a bunch of new originals in the works so keep an eye out! 

about Oct 13 via PureVolume

New cover - "Zeddley" Check it out!

Well this one has been a long time coming... If you haven't heard the originals, GO LISTEN because they're awesome. There's some audio syncing problems from when I reco…

about Dec 28 via PureVolume

Coming out of musical hibernation (I swear) - New youtube cover!

Hey guys, just posted a fresh new cover on YouTube! Please let me know what you think! If you guys want it, I can record it for real and put it up here as an .mp3 so re…

about Aug 04 via PureVolume

New youtube's check em: covers and originals

Just realized I hadn't posted an update in a while... lots of YouTubing while I've been away from PureVolume! Recordings coming soon, but for now tide yourselves over:…

about May 30 via PureVolume

New original song - "It's Not Me, It's You"

Just posted a rough version to Youtube. Lemme know what you think before I record the real thing -- suggestions?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5ML_FwYlRY

about May 02 via PureVolume

New medley posted on YouTube (Nicki Minaj, MCR, The Script, The Band Perry, etc)

Finally got a new medley up! It features pretty much any current song I'm currently over-playing in my dorm. Hope you like it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICwTkexj…

about Feb 21 via PureVolume

Medley Infos (Getting this off my home page)

My home page was getting pretty beefy there, so I'm moving this to a post:   Info for medleys: ---------------------------------------------------------   Songs…

about Jan 11 via PureVolume

Comments (98)

  • Adepte said:
    very good music! Feb 07
  • bandAID said:
    wow! what a soulful voice! really like it! *fan up!* thanks for free download Sep 03
  • Audrey Corrigan said:
    Your inventing shadows song is way better than the orig XD I love your singing! Of course you already know that XD Dec 28
  • Gloveboxx Kitteh said:
    Your music is so sweet! :3 I feel all fuzzy and yellow...or something. You get my point... Nov 13
  • Nick said:
    You rock my friend! Lets team up and colab a song together somtime :) i dig it Oct 01
  • lexytroN said:
    your voice is one of a kind. its so beautiful! Sep 23
  • shanice.maree said:
    your music is perfection! Aug 16
  • Andrew T said:
    you have such a beautiful voice i love it. Jun 30
  • Felipe Massuyama said:
    *-* Jun 15
  • maybe its mavaline! said:
    love this! May 06
  • SherryAllieen said:
    I love your music! :D May 06
  • Marienfelde said:
    you are speciale...greeting from berlin/germany xD Apr 06
  • Bo-fosho said:
    awesome :] Apr 05
  • Tayyy said:
    Oh Maaah Gaaaaaaaah. You Are Sooooooooooooooooooo Good, I Will Definitely Spread The Word. Fo Sho(: Mar 25
  • JessiBandAid =) said:
    Your voice is gorgeous! Your covers are awesome! && Your originals and your mash ups are absolutely incredible! You're extremely talented! Keep it up! Mar 16

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