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Sail by the Stars

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Powerpop / Rock

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  • Sail by the Stars Offers 'Away We Go' EP as a Free Download

    Josh Koterba, aka Sail By The Stars, is offering up his highly-acclaimed 'Away We Go' EP as a limited-time free download. These five tracks are perfectly romantic, and overflowing with pop-punk hooks and pretty melodies, so make sure to grab it before it goes... Read More »

  • Stream Sail By the Stars' New EP 'Away We Go' + Get a Free Song

    Sail By the Stars is back with 'Away We Go,' an EP showcasing the one-man pop-punk act's signature sunny style in an ever-maturing soundscape. The five-song effort features a … Read More »

  • Sail by the Stars - "Cross My Heart" [New Music]

    Sail by the Stars is back with "Cross My Heart," a new single that doubles as an annoucement of the upcoming album 'Away We Go,' set to drop… Read More »

  • Free Music: Sail By the Stars -- 'The Acoustic EP'

    Florida's foremost one-man pop-punk act is quite likely Sail By the Stars. The earnestness to title tunes "A Glowworm Never Grows Dim" and "If My Room Were a Rocketship," the fun-loving spirit embodied… Read More »


My Story:
This is the part where I'm supposed to talk about myself. About my accomplishments, and use big words and lots of hyphens to describe my unique sound. But the truth of the matter is, that's not me. I'm just some kid that loves to play music.

My name is Josh, and this is my solo project. I write and record everything on my own. Music is my life. I've been playing as long as I can remember, and to be completely honest, I believe I'll play until the day I die. I set out on this journey, to find myself. I was left here, with nothing but open ocean all around me, searching for a light house. The sky was all I had, so I decided to Sail by the Stars.

For management & label inquires please contact: sailbythestars@gmail.com.


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Can’t. Stop. Listening. My buddy @austinnivarel just put out one of the best new christmas tunes this year. https://t.co/wwPOzUqA
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Got a new pedal today, though I'm not really feeling it... http://t.co/UIvhUbm1
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Can't stop playing this holiday song by @austinnivarel. So. So. So. Good. http://t.co/Odwo0aET
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Check out my friend’s @highhopesmusic brand new music video! http://t.co/Icnpb0WL
about Dec 06 via Twitter
RT @HeyNickMay: Congrats to @sailbythestars on 100,000 followers!
about Dec 05 via Twitter
Wow. 100k followers. You guys are truly amazing.
about Dec 05 via Twitter
Still selling my 2000 Ford E-150 van. PERFECT for a touring band --- at this point I just want it gone. Sailbythestars@gmail.com for details
about Dec 05 via Twitter
OH MAN FINALS ARE SO STRESSFUL. Wait. I'm not in school.
about Dec 05 via Twitter
PS winners announced when I hit 100k follows. Get your friends to follow & @reply me saying you sent ‘em, & you could win a SBTS merch pack!
about Dec 04 via Twitter
CONTEST: 5 merch packs up for grabs! (shirt+cd+more) Get someone to follow me and @reply saying you sent them for a chance to win.
about Dec 04 via Twitter

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  • Kiza said:
    全曲自分で作りましたか?凄いですね(≧▽≦)これからも頑張ってください。 応戦してます! Oct 29
  • anch0rsandlace said:
    You're so cute and you're quite talented. c: Sep 14
  • David Erregates said:
    Very beauty.... Sep 04
  • blacky said:
    I really liked your music. I hope you do not mind that you include in my blog. http://musicdompub.blogspot.com/2012/08/sail-by-stars.html regards Pd. if the translation is bad, Goolge Translator's fault;-) Aug 07
  • Mandy Nichols said:
    Jul 31
  • MikeyB48 said:
    quite an accomplishment all by yourself good job man May 21
  • jeni said:
    May 03
  • brent said:
    a thousand miles cover is good. Jan 11
  • Joviano R. Elan said:
    Now how'd I get followed in the first place? You're really talented man, I feel something big will happen soon. I'm thinking of working on my own music project, & Adam Young of Owl City really inspires me in it. Keep up the good work! Dec 26
  • James said:
    Merry Christmas Dec 26
  • d.Rf * said:
    :) Dec 24
  • holly said:
    wow! just wow! :) Dec 23
  • Alice Of the Underland said:
    I have no clue how you found me on twitter, and I really don't care. This is how music should be,and I love it. Nov 25
  • Alex said:
    "Icebergs are for Penguins" Oct 25

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