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Pat The Human

Eternal Jamnation! www.patthehuman.bandcamp.com        

Rock / Metalcore / Pop Punk

243 fans / 21,397 total plays / 8 plays today

Dallas, TX





6 tracks

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about Aug 29 via Twitter
Come hang out with us at theSPACE! For last show #1 come early!!!! We go on at 630!
about Aug 25 via Twitter
So as some of you may have heard, Pat The Human is done. There are absolutely no hard feelings between anyone and... http://t.co/fhzHUZ6I
about Aug 22 via Twitter
Comment this status if you'd like to support us by buying a $10 pre-sale ticket to this show! We really, really... http://t.co/UFtSLo0J
about Aug 19 via Twitter
We really appreciate all of the love we're getting on the new music video! Please keep up the awesome work of... http://t.co/doMKDGZu
about Aug 19 via Twitter
Thanks for being dope last night Denton, TX! It wasn't a big show, but it was a fun one. We apologize that we had... http://t.co/kZsRHm63
about Aug 19 via Twitter
I'm at Hailey's for The Brothers Highhorse, Pat The Human, Sparrows, I Am Man and 2 more (Denton, TX) [pic]: http://t.co/F9sEpZRe
about Aug 18 via Twitter
The truth is out there.
about Aug 18 via Twitter
1.6k views already! Thanks so much, Humans. We really appreciate your interest and open-mindedness! We've... http://t.co/pCko3Kbh
about Aug 18 via Twitter
Come support Pat The Human tonight! Denton, TX! http://t.co/Bb7Fpjfe
about Aug 18 via Twitter

Comments (41)

  • AxL said:
    WOW! :))) You do have a PureVolume account. :)))) This is AWESOME! \m/ May 22
  • Nathan said:
    Everyone check it out...Victims Folly new music up this week! Feb 01
  • johnnybananas said:
    these are some hot tracks. wanna hear more electro/pop like the Ready Set, The Secret Handshake, Breathe Carolina, and Owl City? Then check out Reality On Holiday! Feel free to hit me up on facebook, I'd love to talk to all of you. - JH http://www.purevolume.com/realityonholiday Mar 17
  • Blane Serna ( Do You Believe In Ghosts ) said:
    tuff shit!!!! oh ya!! i like it we need more bands like this for fans of senses fail, attack attack, and enter shikari check out www.purevolume.com/doyoubelieveinghosts Feb 04
  • ZombehDROiD said:
    Yo'! Like Electronica?! How about Bipolar Electronica?! :D check out www.purevolume.come/idateandroids for the NEW STYLE of the ELECTRONICA WORLD :D Feb 04
  • Tyler Rice said:
    hi hello. check out my bands heavy WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH intro! lol.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aenu9yuAqqE Feb 04
  • justo said:
    hey if your into acoustic/indie please check out my tunes www.purevolume.com/justobell FREE DOWNLOADS!! thanks! Jan 30
  • Alex said:
    be sure to check these guys out, they have a new album comeing outin a few months! purevolume.com/somdaycamesuddenly Jan 30
  • Drew Schueler said:
    Check out this young new highschool band from Cincinnati at purevolume.com/nuisance117. Become a fan! Jan 30
  • paperdaisy576 said:
    www.purevolume.com/TheSightseers Jan 29
  • Maria said:
    awesome i love it!! Jan 29
  • HollySleepsInFlames™[[CaptainCommando]] said:
    its been a while. May 07
  • tara said:
    i met a girl named reda... i met a girl named reedaa... Jan 23
  • johnemainord said:
    im playin with you guys january 10th :) www.purevolume.com/waitjustwait see you there. Dec 17
  • SilenceTheOppressors said:
    You guys are awesome! your music is freaking sweet! and i love your video! ;D Oct 02

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