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  • LISTEN: NOFX's Fat Mike Reveals "Sleeping Beauty" From 'Home Street Home' Musical

    Last month, NOFX's Fat Mike announced a punk-rock musical concept album called 'Home Street Home' that will be accompanied by a theatrical production, and today he revealed the first glimpse into the project. Read More »

  • WATCH: NOFX's Fat Mike Kicks A Fan In The Face On Stage

    Note to self: Do not fuck with Fat Mike, because he will kick you in the face. Literally. During a NOFX show in Sydney last night, one unfortunate sap found this out the hard way. Read More »

  • NOFX Announce 30th Anniversary Limited Edition LP Box Set

    Seminal California punk outfit NOFX are celebrating their impending 30th anniversary with the release of a limited edition box set. The deluxe LP collection will contain every studio album … Read More »


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We're now open for business! http://t.co/5P8lW6fy Voucher code "CLOVE" for 20% off! http://t.co/OK1YDHQN http://t.co/PJaMJ7Xf
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Help Art Students! http://t.co/DcZU6F2
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  • Clare Hunter said:
    Bay Area pop-punk is where it's at! Get some new catchy songs at http://www.purevolume.com/DontBeTheHero Jan 23
  • Xavier ☮ (@Xaviercamejo) said:
    30 years!! Jan 15
  • Snuggleblade said:
    Free Song Downloads @ purevolume.com/snuggleblade and reverbnation.com/snuggleblade. And be sure to "like" Snuggleblade on Facebook! Nov 04
  • kekien8 said:
    listen to thisss ...its really experimental music from peru www.purevolume.com/angryyouthtumbes just for music..!! Oct 23
  • Rickyasiiq said:
    SELF/UN TITLED it's awesome!! seriously!! Sep 22
  • Chad Nunnally said:
    hey guys please check out my band Something More and like us on Facebook! you won't regret it i promise! http://www.purevolume.com/SomethingMoreband http://www.facebook.com/somethingmoreband Aug 07
  • quwdutelhefe said:
    hey check out my punk rock band please it would be really cool if u did and become there fan http://www.purevolume.com/ChickenMen Jun 10
  • Hendrick adonis said:
    You inspired me! Mar 31
  • Nico-le said:
    You guys are awsome Mar 02
  • The Faith Complex. said:
    @ Fuk Purevolume. It's quite difficult to take anyone seriously when they are using the spelling and punctuation that you display. Punk music represents and conveys many powerful, relevant and correct views lyrically. In my mind, punk isn't dead. Simply because many genres have thrived and appeared because of punk music and there are still great punk bands like Nofx still going strong. And as for hardcore "stomping out" punk, it will never occur. Hardcore is an evolution of punk music, technically, it is punk music and a large majority of people into hardcore music grew up listening to, and have a great appreciation for punk music. Feb 12
  • Tiana said:
    Fuk Purevolume, bitches never put out U KAN'T SPELL TARD! Dec 10
  • Amber said:
    Come to Ohio! El Hefe, my mom is friends with your brother, Jr. Cruster. Love you guys:] Sep 13
  • chroma season said:
    oh ya and the one in the dreds gets fukd by the one with the white glasses Jun 13
  • chroma season said:
    hit my page up pussys if you wana have words Jun 13
  • chroma season said:
    hah ima leave my opinion so i kan watch evryone stack comments on top of this one. its funny how you kan kall these fools musicians. i kan write a BS album jus like them and sale em and have a fukd up attitude wen playing a show jus so i kan start a lil contraversy so the next empty minded kid kan by my album and kall my band the best punk band.. pshht fuk that id rather right something meaningful. these guys r goin too hell for sure, nawt kuz they're gay and kiss eachother but kuz they make kids lie too them selves. your nawt apart of anything!!! punk is fukn dead its been dead ever since joey ramone died. and its nawt komin bak dnt try too revive kuz Hardxcore will proly jus stomp it out again and again and again. Ps.. Nofx makes me wana shit in my hand and eat it Jun 13

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Mar 13

Distrito Federal, Mexico

2:00pm at Foro Sol
Mar 17

Porto Alegre, Brazil  New 

7:00pm at Bar Opiniao
Mar 19

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  New 

8:00pm at Circo Voador
Mar 20

Curitiba, Brazil  New 

8:00pm at Vanilla Music Club
Mar 21

São Paulo, Brazil  New 

5:00pm at VM Via Marques

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