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  • adtr24 said:
    y is this band so un heard of, i love there album the consequences of dreams BUT i play guitar and no tabs can be found for any songs :( Feb 19
  • @yayyeritzi said:
    nice vocals on the bon jovi cover! ♥ May 13
  • Nesha Torres said:
    The Bon Jovi cover is boss. Feb 08
  • Eugenia Lira said:
    I love the music keep it up guys cant wait to c ya at warped tour!!!!! Jun 23
  • metalforever said:
    i like the cover song want to able to download some songs Apr 20
    That new song is just plain awesome!!! =D It's just as incredibly amazing as the stuff on The Consequence of Dreams, but I like the, um, ambient (?) touches in the song and the fact that it's more aggressive and crazy but still retains the superb singing and melodic style from the last album! ;D Feb 09
  • Michelle said:
    Feb 04
  • Katiie Rincon said:
    I guess I have fallen for you. (: x x x x x x x x KAtiie Jan 01
  • Pyter'" said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/daysofpain Dec 29
  • JustinDecay said:
    where is one shot to end this all Dec 05
  • CAITLYNxchaos. said:
    your guys were wayyyy sicklyyy hxc at northern lights so i hopee it's as good recordedd Jul 19
  • Benytow said:
    Daniel, you suck ass, and you're not even hardcore! Jun 09
  • JustinLeexxx said:
    check out my band =))) http://www.purevolume.com/chasingaurorarocks Aug 30
  • D. Tipp said:
    I bought yalls cd today at warped tour its great! remember me, i was in the monster tent and I payed 10 bux, threw in some extra bux to help yall out! keep up the awesome jams! Jul 07
  • Han! Nah Bannnana said:
    Oh. My. Goodness. You guys sound way awesome... Speechless. Jun 24

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