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Got real wild with @body__language last night. What a time. #sheds
about Oct 09 via Twitter
All my frendz.
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Lets hang monkeys!
about Oct 05 via Twitter
“@AssBagComedy: Recording some seriously fresh tracks right now with mr. Oakes of the more Amor fame. Video and song coming next week"#korga
about Oct 05 via Twitter
There's no money in the past.
about Oct 05 via Twitter
It's a pizza saturday.
about Sep 29 via Twitter
Feel > Fill
about Sep 28 via Twitter
Sup dog?
about Sep 28 via Twitter
Also, go buy our record. We love you. #inspanish
about Sep 27 via Twitter
Yo! We're not playin in Vegas tomorrow if you didn't catch that. It's sad but we are playing there nov 3rd and its gonna rule.
about Sep 27 via Twitter

Comments (356)

  • Angie Lac said:
    When are you guys coming to Seattle?;3 Oct 06
  • Alyssa Marie said:
    You guys did amazing last night at the wire! (: Aug 05
  • Kate said:
    i cannot get enough of you guys, i want mooooore!! Jun 20
  • e$cape said:
    young hollywood is a cute song :P Jun 14
  • pauli2 said:
    Love the sound May 29
  • Dragon_Fly said:
    omgshhh! :D i used to listen to you guys when i was in middle school ^^ :D fudging missed ya and i love the new songs xD i wuffles you guys :3 Apr 13
  • Laureanaaaa said:
    I've been in love with Fold it Up for months now Apr 12
  • Jared Kolb.... Options man said:
    i dont want the band to be done! :( although modeling is also good Apr 08
  • Douglas Crane said:
    I just puked out of pleasure Mar 20
  • Kate said:
    i love it Mar 17
  • ❥Kabouaaa (: said:
    I friggin love the music! :D Mar 15
  • safuaneden said:
    Super awesome! Mar 03
  • amelia yo:P said:
    i love you guys. addicted(: Feb 21
  • Matt said:
    lets be serious please.. www.purevolume.com/ipty Feb 16
  • justo said:
    www.purevolume.com/justobell Free Downloads!!! Feb 15

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