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Our new album "Devils & Angels"!
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Hey, Ricky here. The Service, the new band that Chris and myself are doing, are looking for some help with making... http://t.co/jP8C8ZKs
about Oct 05 via Twitter
about Sep 01 via Twitter
Hey Melee friends. If anyone is interested, I'm selling some of my gear on craigslist. Thanks. Chris... http://t.co/E2TPeAob
about Sep 01 via Twitter
Hey Melee friends. Chris here. There's a new project I want you to check out, called Topher Daniels. The record is... http://t.co/sERgQwzA
about Jul 31 via Twitter
Hey Melee friends. Chris here. There's a new project I want you to check out, called Topher Daniels. The record... http://t.co/cyYutkiK
about Jul 18 via Twitter
Topher Daniels album Empty Graves will be released on worldwide on iTunes, July 17th, 2012!!! Tell your friends. http://t.co/JXnuwkdj
about Jul 07 via Twitter
Hey friends, There are two FREE songs from Topher Daniels available to download at http://t.co/Nc8EK5Cj http://t.co/uyLncXwb
about May 30 via Twitter
TWO FREE SONGS FROM TOPHER DANIELS! Download and share! http://t.co/Nc8EK5Cj http://t.co/4V1Lvm4B
about May 28 via Twitter
Hi it's Derek :) My band Suburban Legends finally released our new album -Day Job - yesterday! A special... http://t.co/10TDwovP
about Apr 04 via Twitter
Hey this is Ricky! Vote for this video I made over at http://t.co/g6tNITP2 facebook poll "The Forgetful Werewolf... http://t.co/XSKhsNmN
about Mar 30 via Twitter

Comments (164)

  • Ollie Morgan said:
    hello guys please checkout my new band fleet street we are from the UK and want to make friends and fans in the US! www.purevolume.com/fleetstreetaresweet Apr 07
  • Jessi said:
    I am obsessed with Can't Hold On. Love It!! Beautiful voice!! Dec 21
  • Michael Vargas said:
    If you like to party, check out the band Summer Circus! www.purevolume.com/summercircus Dec 09
  • mrlespaulman said:
    Awesome song, awesome band!!! You should check out our band Eden Regained's first single "Open Arms" @ www.purevolume.com/edenregainedband! Sep 29
  • betweenthepages1 said:
    you guys are preety good, you just need some hardcore vocal peices to bring out the passion of ur songs......if that makes any sence lol Sep 09
  • Flippinswitches said:
    ♪♫♪♪☺LOVE♫♪♫♪ Aug 10
  • Brittany said:
    loooooove it. =] Aug 05
  • KatJam said:
    RoomForOxygen190: it's pronounced MAY-lay you guys are awesome! i had "built to last" stuck in my head earlier haha. Mar 12
  • VolcomRose said:
    How you say the band name tho? Mar 07
  • VolcomRose said:
    I think I'm in love Mar 07
  • CERCANA ETERNIDAD (post-punk) said:
    saludos desde Argentina amigo! te invitamos a bajar los temas de purevolume.com/cercanaeternidad "Mi Mirada Enferma" y "Fue Todo Sentir", gracias por soportarnos, mucha suerte.! Feb 12
  • Ramos said:
    So I was watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I noticed there is a bunch of melee stickers throughout the bar Oct 29
  • Wait10Minutes said:
    Amazing... good musik =) Aug 28
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    I can't believe how much your music means to me. It's absolutely beautiful. Jul 16
  • Bethh said:
    I saw them supporting The Rocket Summer. Amazing (: x Jul 16

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