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Hello Twitter World, morning jam? http://t.co/1kqSySep Morning toast? http://t.co/iYnDXOue
about Oct 10 via Twitter
What is everyone listening to today?
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Not. Long. Enough. “@BreakingNews: Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky sentenced to 30-60 years in prison - @BloombergNews, @Reuters”
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Good morning. May or may not be dancing to this song in a towel right now. #efftuesdays #ratherbeplayingmusic www.me… http://t.co/PHZ89jkI
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Man, we cannot wait to finish this new music and share it. We love everyone who has ever listened to a track. #mushygushy
about Oct 08 via Twitter
You were my first love. My heart's house and home. My fears, your unconcerns. #letdown http://t.co/rSx4GCjt
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Do you like us and have Tumblr? Follow us. We'll follow you. We want to KNOW you =) http://t.co/4vqE3w10
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Hey DC, if you aren't doing Virgin-y Fest things, come hang with us at STPP Fest! We play The Codmother @ 7:50. http://t.co/inDLGv1u
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Hey DC! We're going to be all up in you (for real, for real) on Oct 6th @ The Codmother. P.s. Debuting some new... http://t.co/yrMK02Um
about Oct 03 via Twitter
DC! Let's make up for lost time. Oct 6th @ The Codmother for STTPfest. http://t.co/dQBdK72V
about Oct 02 via Twitter

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  • Shelby said:
    i just gotta say, you guys and girl rock! like this is great music! keeep on making music !! :D Jan 27

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