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When I have a baby, my nanny is going to get NO SLEEP!
about Dec 06 via Twitter
Thinking about getting a dog. Can anybody tell me what this breed is? (I'm sure all of you will be expecting a joke) http://t.co/C3zBgPOA
about Dec 05 via Twitter
You can't have your cake and eat it too. Unless you're bulimic. Then you can have it, eat it, then have it again.
about Dec 05 via Twitter
about Dec 04 via Twitter
Aaaand record 6 has begun. This song is raising the hair on my arms.
about Dec 04 via Twitter
You had me at "hell no".
about Dec 03 via Twitter
Back home in Nashville. Feels goods. Argentina was amazing. Always love playing in South America. Can't wait to get back.
about Dec 02 via Twitter
We were nervous to tell everyone, but Matthew had a pretty nasty head injury. Please don't make fun of his helmet. http://t.co/3RdId8Gq
about Dec 01 via Twitter
Nothing's gonna stop us from rocking Buenos Aires tonight!!! http://t.co/MGrVy8wP
about Dec 01 via Twitter
Mmmmmm..... This Argentinian bread is the shit. http://t.co/Skq7SypN
about Dec 01 via Twitter

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  • Azaria XD (-.• ) said:
    Agreeing With Kailey Oct 18
  • Kailey said:
    Loving their new single 'Supersoaker'. http://vevo.ly/DA60wS Sep 02
  • EppiXrocK said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/LosRomnticosdeZacatecas Aug 22
  • EppiXrocK said:
  • Russell Martens said:
    Check out http://www.musikrave.com - new social network for music , you can log in with facebook! Post all your favorite stuff and make friends... Aug 22
  • Mitch said:
    You guys made it on to our top ten list for the month of April! We love your music and you deserve to be recognized! Thanks for sharing your songs with the world http://indiealternativerock.blogspot.com/2011/04/top-ten-bands.html Apr 01
  • Elise Cramer said:
    check this out guys www.purevolume.com/goodboybadminton :D Mar 06
  • Angelica said:
    Just got Come around Sundown for xmas :) love it soo much.. think im driving my family crazy by playing it over and over Jan 02
  • DomoLover(; said:
    cant wait for you ablum to come out(: Dec 25
  • Alicia(: said:
    Love you guys :) When you commin' down to Germany?? Dec 09
  • Nick said:
    check out a band looking for more exposure at www.purevolume.com/thievesthememusic tell us what you think Nov 30
  • Marissa Miller said:
    You guys HAVE to check out Pyro & Pickup Truck off of the new album. Sooooo incredible! What are your faves? http://radioactive.kingsofleon.com/ Oct 30
    hey, this is mike from BARBIEWRONG, come check out our new album "murder. Moths. And daycare" on our site! take a second to checkout the music become a friend and let us know what you think! THANKS! www.purevolume.com/BARBIEWRONG -mike, BARBIEWRONG Oct 12
  • bigjohn said:
    you sould look up hayley williams cover to use somebody she definately does the songg justice Oct 07
  • Ryan O'Malley said:
    add these guys... http://www.purevolume.com/oddmaninband Oct 04

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