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Download 'against the floor' drum cover now!!!        

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  • Free Music: John Damiano's "Against The Floor" Drum Cover -- Song of the Day

    John Damiano, the mastermind behind JohnDoesDrums, gives new life to the standard mashup. In fact, he's created a new form of it which layers extensive drum solos and variations atop radio-friendly hits... Read More »


Click http://bit.ly/jddstereo to head to youtube and watch johns new drum cover !!


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Props to my friend Greg for this pic!!! http://t.co/J6Pzehvg
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Hey everyone.. What's up?!
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Just got done talking to one of my hood friends who's been strugglin since 2005.. Looks like he's about to persevere, it got me stoked
about Oct 09 via Twitter
While watching lost, quite often My fav thing about sawyer is his hilarious one-liner nicknames for people
about Oct 09 via Twitter
You know what grinds my gears.. When i go to Zumiez to by 1 thing & get harassed by floor salesman.. Get out my face YAH TRICK YAAAH
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Photo: Having a blast looks like this  !!! (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/txCTPz6t
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Having a blast looks like this !!! http://t.co/ub3eQXy8
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Lost season four has been INSANE!!! #checkmatemreko
about Oct 07 via Twitter
OH MAN half pride apps at Applebee's @jordaneckes I know you feel me on this haha (@ applebees) http://t.co/wQxMy5TJ
about Oct 07 via Twitter
#Panorama of this spot http://t.co/3UJoLbm7
about Oct 06 via Twitter



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