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  • Watch Part Two of Ville Valo of HIM'S PV Fan Q&A

    In part two of Ville Valo of HIM's PV Fan Q&A, Valo recommends some choice books (but avert your eyes and cover your ears if you're under 18), what songs he wished he wrote, why he thinks he'd be working at a sex shop if he wasn't a musician (hmm...)... Read More »

  • Watch Part One of Ville Valo of HIM's PV Fan Q&A

    You guys sent in hundreds of questions and HIM's Ville Valo took the time to answer your queries during his Hollywood Palladium stop in Southern California... Read More »

  • The PV Q&A: HIM's Ville Valo on Music as Meditation, Pulling Together for Tears on Tape, and Excellent Mascara

    A few weeks ago, HIM bandleader Ville Valo sat in his Helsinki apartment and breathed a long sigh of well-earned relief... Read More »

  • Ask HIM Anything You Want For Our PV Fan Q&A!

    HIM is paying a visit to PureVolume (or is it that we're paying HIM a visit?) and we're going on your behalf: We need questions from you for the PV Fan Q&A... Read More »


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