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Great Northern Pro

"Remind Me Where The Light Is" - Out Now!        

Rock / Indie

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thank you all so much for the ongoing support. this f#@*ing record better be good. it's nearly killed/revived/and killed us again!! xx GN
about Aug 05 via Twitter
hey all..we lost our info to be able to use @great_northern cause twitter made some changes. please follow @GR8NORTHERN from now on. xx GN
about Aug 05 via Twitter
hi everyone... hope you are all very well... we miss you... sorry this record is taking super long to finish... it's so close... xx GN
about Feb 01 via Twitter
20+ songs on the board...editing, chopping, rewriting, singing, playing, dancing?...working hard to get this record to you lovely people. xx
about Jun 01 via Twitter
studio beverage of choice...Patron! doesn't make you sleepy...helps you embrace the space...transitions nicely from coffee. xo
about May 21 via Twitter
beginning may 5th...the final push to album completion...not far now...feels like forever...thanks for your patience everyone. xx...GN
about Apr 24 via Twitter
the rumor is that @radiohead is playing @seanow! party around 10:30
about Mar 17 via Twitter
about to watch mr cortini @ Sea Now 706 west 6th street annies west
about Mar 16 via Twitter
rad! I think we're good but you never know
about Mar 10 via Twitter
RT @Great_Northern: get your tickets...RT @kroq:KROQ LO show http://tinyurl.com/4aqohe5 @Great_Northern @Sabrosa Purr
about Mar 02 via Twitter

Comments (123)

  • Carlson said:
    "Home" by Great Northern - mmm yes. Dec 17
  • Jacob Tyler Lucas said:
    Get a quick pick me up @ http://www.purevolume.com/jacobtylerlucas Feb 07
  • hiyahh16 said:
    your songs are awesome!! Jan 22
  • souldiver101 said:
    Very nice. Great sound. Jan 07
  • shanna;) said:
    sweet ;) Dec 30
  • lory said:
    i love you songs (: Dec 28
  • Shandisaurus! said:
    awesomes :) Dec 20
  • Sarah said:
    hey, i already love you guys & listen to your music all the time. i actually blast it throughout the house sometimes haha. thanks for the message! Dec 16
  • Ryan Emily said:
    wow, you guys are awesome! thanks for the message(: Dec 07
  • allison :) said:
    wow, you guys are really good! keep it up :) Dec 02
  • Jazzy Jurassic™ said:
    lovee ;) -Stay Inspired, Jazzy Nov 17
  • mo!!y said:
    oooohh my god!i love your sound this is exactly the kind of music i like. thank you so much for introducing yourself im so excited to hear more!! your voice is awesome Oct 18
  • Buhnekinha ✖ ✖ ✖ said:
    Loved!! Oct 18
  • Juliana said:
    love you love you love you Oct 17
  • Ben Reeb said:
    Lovin' it. Thanks for the message!! Sep 21

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