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  • PV List: Girl In A Coma's '10 Strangest Shows'

    Girl In A Coma are regular road warriors, and with such an extensive list of shows donning their resume, we couldn't help but think — they had to have run into some strange experiences. From haunted venues to soirees where nobody showed, hit the road with these ladies as drummer Phanie Diaz travels back to GIC's top 10 strangest shows... Read More »

  • Free Music: Girl In A Coma's "One Eyed Fool" — Song of the Day

    San Antonio's Girl In A Coma has announced a sweeping summer tour, and they're celebrating by offering up a free download of the fierce tune "One Eyed Fool," from their latest album Exits and All the Rest. Between frontwoman Nina Diaz's cutting vocals, plenty of glorious guitar parts... Read More »


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Still have time for tonight at the rabbit. It's been pushed back so if you wanna come it's not to late! #fb
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Come on out to the whiterabbit to be part of a movie with us! Movie is Petting Zoo and we are playing a couple songs. Starts at 645! #fb
about Oct 09 via Twitter
♫ Who's Coming?: Salt Lake City, UT - Nov 6 at The Depot http://t.co/EnZN408l
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Tonight! show up at the White Rabbit at 6pm in SA to be part of a movie with us Extras needed! info here : http://t.co/p9tZHO2C
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Tomorrow show up at the White Rabbit in SA to be part of a movie with us called Petting Zoo. Extras needed! info here : http://t.co/p9tZHO2C
about Oct 08 via Twitter
♫ Who's Coming?: Denver, CO - Nov 5 at The Summit Music Hall http://t.co/HwCOxlXa
about Oct 08 via Twitter
FREE show in New York on October 25!!! Who's going? http://t.co/ETGyExPd
about Oct 08 via Twitter
♫ Who's Coming?: Lubbock, TX - Nov 4 at Jake's Sports Cafe http://t.co/68s1Q5xQ
about Oct 07 via Twitter
♫ Who's Coming?: Dallas, TX - Nov 3 at House of Blues Dallas http://t.co/mFBa97Ni
about Oct 06 via Twitter
hey guys check out http://t.co/BMmU1TA1 and like her page. really cool stuff :)
about Oct 05 via Twitter

Comments (11)

  • Rachel [GINGAH] said:
    Your cover of "while my guitar gently weeps" is amazing! Jun 20
  • blip on your radar said:
    what happened to the rest of "their cell"!!?? May 21
  • ji5mpunker said:
    sweet! May 14
  • darlene said:
    O.O omg cool. epic. :D i like the beat and the singer is excellent. I like the repetition and the way the singer's voice goes up and down and up and down in "Say" Feb 07
  • La Salazar said:
    Their Cell is one of my favorite songs. Nov 21
  • kittiecorestar said:
    this band is AMAZING!!! good music!! besos exleclet! Jun 11
  • Mika said:
    i love you guys!! there are not a lot of kick ass girl bands and you are definitely representing. i actually saw some video interviews that you did. they were awesome you should post them up http://www.uncensoredinterview.com/artists/182-Girl-In-A-Coma May 27
  • LittleSkyRocket. said:
    OMG!! A good band from SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!! You guys are my heroes, especially because you guys actually come to San Antonio TEXAS (instead of just Austin) Nov 20
  • 0xhisxonexwish0x said:
    LOVE YOU GUYS!! AMAZING BAND. can u put more songs up?? Apr 29
  • DrowningFlame said:
    Luv! Mar 30
  • said:
    I really like what I hear. Any more songs coming soon? Mar 30

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