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  • Every Avenue Offers Previously Unreleased Track "Making Up To Do"

    Have you worn out your copy of Bad Habits (available now on Fearless Records!)? Want something new from energetic pop rockers Every Avenue? Want to listen to a previously unreleased track? Read More »

  • Every Avenue Announce Hiatus + Last Call Tour

    After 10 years together, Every Avenue have announced they'll be taking a break. In an interview with the Gunz Show last night [October 24], Dave Strauchman emphasized that this is not a break up, but rather an opportunity to explore "other possibilities.” Regardless, the band have also announced a final tour... Read More »

  • Every Avenue Perform "Fall Apart" Acoustic

    Every Avenue took to an NYC rooftop to film this acoustic rendition of "Fall Apart." You may remember the song from the previously released music video where things very literally fell apart as the band performed. We can assure you, there's none of that going on this time around... Read More »

  • Every Avenue Announce US 2012 Tour with We Are The In Crowd + Plug In Stereo

    Every Avenue are gearing up for a headlining Spring 2012 tour, and they're taking We Are The In Crowd, Plug In Stereo, and Simple As Surgery along for the ride. We've got your dates and details here… Read More »

  • Go Behind the Scenes of Every Avenue's New Video

    Remember Every Avenue's new video? The one that dropped on Monday, for "Fall Apart"? Well our buddies at BUZZNET have a huge photo gallery of behind-the-scenes pics for all … Read More »

  • Every Avenue Premiere "Fall Apart" Video

    Watch Every Avenue's new music video "Fall Apart," where things very literally fall apart. All the while, Every Avenue churns out this awesome song like mass chaos isn't ensuing behind them... Read More »

  • Every Avenue -- 'Bad Habits' [Exclusive Album Stream]

    Every Avenue's Bad Habits hits Tuesday, Aug. 2, and PureVolume is happy to offer an early stream of the full album. It's the fourth record for the Michigan pop-punkers … Read More »

  • Every Avenue Will Tour U.K. with Young Guns

    Every Avenue are heading to England and Scotland for a series of gigs with Young Guns. In the meantime, get ready for an exclusive PureVolume stream of the new Every Avenue album on ... Read More »

  • Listen to Every Avenue's New Single, "No One But You"

    Teasing to the group's third album, 'Bad Habits,' is a catchy new single. Now fans have something to sing along to as they count down to Aug. 2. Hear it here. Read More »


"Fall Apart"

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Watch Our "Last Call Tour" Full Video Set

Missed Every Avenue on their final trek the "Last Call Tour" this past winter? We've got you covered!Fearless Records filmed their entire set and threw in a few extra i… more
about Feb 21 via PureVolume
Off to pittsburgh ! Last night got a bit crazy ....
about Dec 08 via Twitter
RT @TheAdriMarie: I might be an emotional wreck at @EveryAvenue's #LastCallTour tonight. #prepareyourself #bittersweet
about Dec 08 via Twitter
RT @Abbyrpi: And so begins this 5 hr ride to see @everyavenue for the last time!
about Dec 08 via Twitter
RT @kasidrew: You know when you had a great night when you wake up with no voice and @EveryAvenue still ringing in your ears! #perfect
about Dec 08 via Twitter
RT @_MikaylaPaige_: @EveryAvenue Last nights show was amazing!! My ears are still ringing!! :) #bestnight
about Dec 08 via Twitter
Canton Ohio was loud as balls tonight !! What a great show. !!!
about Dec 08 via Twitter
I'm drunk my (now recent ex) cheated on me and lied to me. Life is awesome. Thanks. Jesus. Life's pretty unreal.
about Dec 08 via Twitter
RT @DakotaOlaf: The only thing getting me through work today and tomorrow is the @EveryAvenue concert on Sunday.
about Dec 07 via Twitter
RT @LohGivesEmHellx: Gonna be so tired at school next friday but seeing @EveryAvenue on thursday is so worth it
about Dec 07 via Twitter

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  • SammiAlexandria said:
    Only Place I Call Home is sooo amazing!! Feb 21
  • Nicolette&Xoxo said:
    Every Avenue is the only fucking place I'd ever call home.:) Dec 03
  • Orion said:
    I FUX WITH EVERY AVENUE, if you do to then check out these guys http://www.purevolume.com/TheBrokenRecordOfficial Nov 17
  • Rachel Tay said:
    Hi! Consider coming to singapore to perform? Hehe. I think you guys are awesome! (: Oct 09
  • CayseySaur said:
    Come listen to some "Pop n' Roll!" www.purevolume.com/keepitcuteofficial Sep 20
  • Kyle said:
    Hey guys! Like finding new music? If you're fans of Pop-punk like The Starting Line and The Dangerous Summer you should definately check out my band Chasing Reality at purevolume.com/Chasingrealitysc!! I would really appreciate your time!! Brand new song up too! :D Thanks Sep 08
  • Josh x3 said:
    You're The Only Place I Call Home Sep 07
  • Orion said:
    errrbodyyyyy check out our demo on our page and fan us if you like it! http://www.purevolume.com/TheBrokenRecordOfficial Sep 06
  • Matt Beer said:
    like acoustic music and the script? check out my acoustic cover of their tune "breakeven" along with my other originals. all free downloads! :) http://purevolume.com/mattbeermusic Aug 16
  • ZooBoxs said:
    this band is awesome and awesome voice man!!! - ZooBoxs.com Aug 11
  • Let.Us.Prey said:
    If you enjoy the sound of acoustic/indie music, check out: http://www.purevolume.com/MyFatalDesire Aug 11
  • SallyThatSleeps said:
    Please check out my band Cities That Sleep at http://www.purevolume.com/CitiesThatSleep and then add us on Facebook www.facebook.com/CitiesThatSleep Aug 09

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