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Evans Blue

Rock / Alternative

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“@SaoKKK: @EvansBlueMusic wow!! Thx for following!!:) 'Graveyard of Empires' is one of my top album of this year!! ♥ from Japan!!:)”THANKS!
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“@mapatter_15: Shout out to @EvansBlueMusic for my 500th tweet!” THANKS!
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“@lianamont: @EvansBlueMusic you made my night! I've been studying for finals next week and then you follow me!" GOOD LUCK!!
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RT @perryjr93: The Badass moment when one of your favorite bands follows you back on Twitter! @EvansBlueMusic
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#ebnation forever!
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Wow. Thank you Aleksandra Arsova, Bulgaria :) #EBL2D http://t.co/F0WBZwHG
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we are nearing 150k fans on #facebook! we only need a few more! OUR FANS ARE THE GREATEST!! #share and hit that like button!!
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RT @MegatronGodzila: @EvansBlueMusic I didn't realize you guys were serious! I'm freakin' excited as hell that you guys are following me!
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Comments (55)

  • baltbum said:
    WOW! You guys have GOT to be Charlottes's number "1" kick ass band. Where is the air time? Do I have to call 106.5? haha Apr 30
  • xzjcvbdgwfg said:
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  • Rawr! said:
    you guys are amazing! :) Jan 27
  • Bonnie said:
    Upload "Over" Dec 13
  • Morgan said:
    you need In A Red Dress And Alone on here Oct 23
  • Megan said:
    yall are awesome..add some more songs that i can fall in love with! Feb 12
  • RainbowRide22 said:
    This one plays right up there so high! Pin-Up Jan 11
  • Alexarebestest said:
    dude u need to put stuff from the new album Jul 27
  • Eclipse91stud said:
    u guys r awesome...lets see the Beg song on here PLZ!! Jun 12
  • Eclipse91stud said:
    u guys fuckin rock!! Jun 11
  • prettyrooky1990 said:
  • absolutelyblond said:
    rock on! Feb 07
  • CrimsonRainDrop said:
    I am a huge fan of Evans Blue... I love their song \"Possession\" (SP????) That song is the best song on their CD... aside from \"Quote\" and \"Cold (But i\'m Still Here)\"... haha. keep up the love!!! haha. love, Manda Feb 06
  • ekn'08 said:
    yall funkin kick ass Jan 04
  • brokenbutstillplays said:
    Dec 15

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