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  • Christofer Drew to Release New EATMEWHILEIMHOT Album

    Christofer Drew is set to take over the world release a new album, Mushroom, with his side project EATMEWHILEIMHOT. This project is not to be confused with Drew's other... Read More »


Get Up And Die

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ahh, i think im in love.
about Oct 09 via Twitter
let's work for the light side...together we can light up the darkness.
about Oct 09 via Twitter
im straight, but support free love. #openmind #pureheart http://t.co/cMNwm3lq
about Oct 09 via Twitter
¿who is excited for #indigø? http://t.co/dfnEBgIT
about Oct 09 via Twitter
do you know your totem animal? http://t.co/IX3S1Sph
about Oct 09 via Twitter
imagination is key to the creative flow...inner peace is the key to imagination.
about Oct 09 via Twitter
airport...tired eyes. http://t.co/b4a3P3UM
about Oct 09 via Twitter
writing music; should be sleeping...zzz 🐯 http://t.co/x0KiFWZf
about Oct 09 via Twitter
i promise to be true.
about Oct 08 via Twitter
love is old; love is new.
about Oct 08 via Twitter

Comments (622)

  • blahblahxD said:
    Damn straight!! :) Jan 01
  • Dom Brass said:
    Get up and die, what a sick guitar! Sep 21
  • TMNTKAYLEY!! said:
    o my jeez i fucking love yal!! yal my #1 band i listen to every day! Sep 14
  • mcrbmthgurl06.20 said:
    fuck! :) badass! Sep 03
  • Clarissa said:
    This is fucking Beast! Jun 02
  • Hayley is Gone said:
    Captain Planet really is a hero. (: xBURRITOx May 28
  • Melanie said:
    :D This is awesome. May 28
  • maybe its mavaline! said:
    love this!!!!!!.....its fucking awesome. May 16
  • out(: said:
    (: Apr 23
  • Bo-fosho said:
    awesomeness Apr 12
  • fayeyu said:
    HELLO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD ME UP!!!!!! Apr 09
  • Ryan Savage (PseudoSurreal) said:
    This band is fucking great, bruuuutal. I'm trying to get my music out there. If you like this band, check out my band: http://www.purevolume.com/PseudoSurreal If you like what you hear FAN us, spread the word:) Thanks Apr 02
  • All Signs Point To Sam. said:
    Fuck YES. New album♥. Mar 30
  • Zaz said:
    Hey. Check out this Artist http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo . The first song is really good. Just give it a chance. This artist is from Argentina. I'm helping my friend Jenny spread the word. Thanks. Take care. Mar 23
  • mia :-) said:
    v you can download mother may i off of mediafire. lul. Mar 22

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