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Don't Call it a Comeback Pro

TELESCOPES 6/25/13        

Indie / Acoustic / Pop Punk

166 fans / 30,290 total plays / 250 plays today

Indianapolis, IN





17 tracks

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  • PREMIERE: Listen to Don't Call It a Comeback's New EP 'Telescopes'

    Don't Call It A Comeback is Cody Almond (vocals), Andy Morgan (guitars), AJ Patiag (guitar, vocals), Marven Mendoza (bass, vocals). Telescopes is produced and engineered by Nate Adams, who not only plays drums in Sweatshirt Weather but also played drums on Telescopes as well. Read More »

  • Get a Free Download of Don't Call It A Comeback's Acoustic EP

    Earlier this week, Indianapolis pop punk outfit Don't Call It A Comeback treated us to a first listen of their new acoustic EP with closing track, "About Staying." Today, they're not only bringing you a full stream of A Little Bit Softer, but they're giving it away for free... Read More »

  • Don't Call It A Comeback Premiere "About Staying" (Acoustic) — Song of the Day

    Indianapolis pop-punk outfit Don't Call It A Comeback are showing off their soft side with the impending release of their acoustic EP, A Little Bit Softer. Today we're bringing you a track off that effort, "About Staying," as a warm up to the stripped down set you'll hear when the full EP drops February 1... Read More »

  • Help Don't Call It a Comeback Fix their Van and Go on Tour

    Don't Call It a Comeback need your help. The Indianapolis five-piece are gearing up for a sweeping summer tour, but with their van's recent breakdown, they won't be getting very far unless they can raise the funds to fix it... Read More »

  • Free Music: Don't Call It a Comeback's 'Something Worth Fighting For' EP

    From the opening chugs and chants of "Into It All" through the rest of the hardcore-tinged punk tunes, the Indianapolis five-piece have put together a record worth.... Read More »


Updates (414)

we made a profile on here and might start doing some stuff to help raise some money for the record! check it out!... http://t.co/lRSxmqwY
about Oct 08 via Twitter
if we played a show in Bloomington IN this month would anyone be down to help promote it?! Who would want to go?!
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Hey guys this is Joe, I have some sad news to break to you guys today. The band and I have talked and I will be... http://t.co/nZxO6uSZ
about Oct 08 via Twitter
We're going to have presales for this show sometime this week! hit us up!... http://t.co/BrFWyrgT
about Oct 01 via Twitter
Anybody else stoked for the week to be over?
about Sep 27 via Twitter
who is ready for Man Overboard next month?
about Sep 26 via Twitter
http://t.co/DK8g9Tq5 Come check out the new venue Studio 37 in Fishers for the... http://t.co/KKzzqTpV
about Sep 22 via Twitter
get stoked for this weekend guys! infamous ep release show! if you need presales we still have plenty
about Sep 19 via Twitter
Give and Take posted a new tune. go check it out. get stoked for the ep release show in oct.
about Sep 16 via Twitter
hey this weekend you should go check this show out! we've got presale tickets!!!... http://t.co/joSYD1kf
about Sep 16 via Twitter

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  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Big Fan Here Apr 05
  • ZachDReed said:
    Hello! I just finished an E.P. and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out! http://www.purevolume.com/TheBrighterWay Thanks :] Jun 22
  • Caitlyn said:
    I think i just found my new favorite band : ) cant stop listening!! Mar 28
  • Jake Toscano said:
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  • blacky said:
    http://musicdompub.blogspot.com/2013/02/dont-call-it-comeback.html Feb 05
  • CyberCat said:
    Sounds good ^^ Feb 03
  • Natan Woods said:
    i know these boys and i consider myself pretty good friends with one of them. theyr amazing and im proud of all of them keep rockin! Oct 31
  • mr_m00r3 said:
    the instant i heard the first song, i knew i stumbled on to something amazing. you guys are awesome,so yeah, kick some ass:D Oct 31
  • Tanner Stay Brutal-ish Nelson said:
    Like wars.... that song describes my whole life right now :) three weeks single. haha its crazy i listened to that song SO many times that weekend...thanks guys! Oct 19
  • Makayla :) said:
    dood...call me crazy, but i swear to god, u guys remind me SOOO MUCH of The Wonder Years!! u guys are AWESOME!!! xD Sep 09
  • Sherri Gardner said:
    (: you boys are pretty legit(: May 22

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