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Death From Above 1979 Pro

Post Hardcore / Indie / Rock

5,281 fans / 272,311 total plays / 74 plays today

Toronto, ON






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RT @psiloveyouband: DESPITE ALL HIS RAGE HE'S STILL JUST A RAT IN A CAGE @sebby_g @officialdfa1979 #songcpr #karaoke http://t.co/q4wUAcDA
about Nov 09 via Twitter
RT @jfkmstrkrft: thank you ottawa. thank you @scallen. #deaf
about Nov 05 via Twitter
RT @spectrasonic: still a few tickets left at the door for #dfa1979 at @ritualnightclub #jutsaynotoscalpers
about Nov 04 via Twitter
Thank you Peterborough! You were a great audience. See you soon.
about Oct 29 via Twitter
RT @sebby_g: Thank you Peterborough. Serious mosh-pit camaraderie! @officialdfa1979 getting crazy. Our thoughts are with our friends and ...
about Oct 29 via Twitter
RT @sebby_g: Watch as one by one online media outlets get blacklisted from future press opportunities by dishonoring @officialdfa1979's ...
about Oct 29 via Twitter
RT @jfkmstrkrft: hamilton, you were the best crowd we could have ever asked for. thank you.
about Oct 28 via Twitter
Thank you #Hamilton fans for being kind and receptive and patient and sweaty and young and tender. Thank you @psiloveyouband for shredding!
about Oct 28 via Twitter
about Oct 28 via Twitter
RT @sebby_g: 2 piece guitar/drum bands always add bass eventually, I promise we'll never add guitars. #DFA1979
about Oct 23 via Twitter

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  • SierraTGS said:
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  • sean4music said:
    Yo Jo Co! Just went to your site for Grand Fury and you guys are good, just need lyrics but the sound is awesome. I love that Southern Rock and Blues sound. You also sound a little bit like The Black Keys. Jun 20
  • Joseph Cote said:
    hey guys. just a few moments of your time. I've recently started a band with a friend called Grand Fury. if you enjoy DFA79, I think you may like Grand Fury. it's sort of a mix between DFA79 and Motorhead. only two demos up at the moment, but it's worth listening to. if you have time, check it out at http://grandfury.bandcamp.com thank you. Jun 16
  • Heather Anne. said:
    Hot damn, i love the tunes. (: Jan 03
  • Joseph Cote said:
    DFA79 rules!!! too bad this band isn't together anymore. I hate to advertise in another bands' comment box, but if you (the reader) have a minute, could you check out my solo project page and let me know what you think of the music? it's DFA79 influenced, and it's just bass and drums (vocals will be coming soon). although it's similar on paper, it's more progressive and wanders outside the realm of dance punk a good bit. www.purevolume.com/matador88 Nov 19
  • KillThe8 said:
    DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 OFFICIAL MERCH http://www.kt8merch.com/store/pages/dfa1979 Nov 11
  • rosesforthedead777 said:
    Give these guys a listen! New song up, Free Downloads on all! http://www.purevolume.com/switchbladesforsweethearts May 17
  • Rod said:
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  • ashley [MN] said:
    F my A, i fucking love your music. Jan 12
  • Pyramids Of Monsbiza said:
    sweet you guys sound amazing great music =D: Sep 28
  • Amanda Carpenter said:
    I love your piano key scarf! and I love your music! Jun 12
  • Rose Bud said:
    AGH! Love You Guys! Keep The Music Comin! Jun 03
  • ryaneatsairplane said:
    i like ur piano key scarf. and ur music May 15
  • STRYCHNINEx said:
    i missss yoooooouuuu Apr 24

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