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Chase Coy

New EP "Awake" Out Now!        

Acoustic / Indie / Folk

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😳 Wow. Cutie. 😳 http://t.co/SqolZiwp
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Remember that time I was done with school forever? Get ready for a lot of new music coming your way...
about Dec 07 via Twitter
One more day of school... Just one more day...
about Dec 06 via Twitter
"You were stealing my affection, you were robbing me blind, whenever I called you mine."
about Dec 06 via Twitter
What a perfect day for tennis.
about Dec 05 via Twitter
No school tomorrow! :D
about Dec 04 via Twitter
So this is happening tomorrow. Pumped. http://t.co/tzaKwHyE
about Dec 04 via Twitter
Don't forget I still have tons of music on iTunes! Check it out and let me know what your favorite song is! https://t.co/6bO3wL5G
about Dec 03 via Twitter
"She’s not afraid of scary movies. She likes the way we kiss in the dark. But she’s so afraid of f-f-falling in love."
about Dec 03 via Twitter
Ready for a nap. Always ready.
about Dec 03 via Twitter

Comments (1688)

  • Crystal Powers said:
    Love You Chase! (: Mar 28
  • Kristen Olivia said:
    Over 9000!? You remind me of Hope from Final Fantasy 13 on your picturesque album cover lol But for real, I love your music :) Mar 22
  • Hannahbeth said:
    whoa, you've got 9,000 fans! congratulations!!! your music is amazing, i always love listening to it :] Jan 04
  • xox said:
    Chase + Colbie make the perfect duo. ♥ Dec 16
  • Anna said:
    Love the lyrics! and your voice is amazing! Dec 11
  • kerwin said:
    very nice...i really love your songs...keep singing...XD Dec 11
  • Stefanía said:
    I can't stop listening to your songs. You're awesome :3 Nov 27
  • mutantllamaofDOOM said:
    I can't help but smile when I hear your music! Great job, and keep up the good work! Nov 26
  • Briana S. :D said:
    i freaking love your music. I listen to your music and i just sit down and think. your voice is amazing. you are frekin awesome lol :) Nov 12
  • Ashlee said:
    Wow this is cool..all of your covers are on my wishlist on pandora haha :) you're awesome Nov 05
  • Josh said:
    something about your music makes me just sit and stare off into nothing...you're so talented..please keep 'em comin. =] Oct 13
  • Adam said:
    your music just keeps getting better and better! keep it up! Sep 22
  • Alli Hoggarth said:
    Will you marry me and sing to me everyday? You are adorableee and I am in love with your voice(: Sep 16
  • Carolina☮ said:
    awesome voice Sep 15
  • SarahYummy said:
    This summer is comming to a close. And im starting to figure out , that i cannot live without you. ❤ Sep 14

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