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"We all love pop-punk. It's a huge part of who we are," asserts Sarah Camden, front-woman of Virginia Beach's new kids on the block Year As A Ghost. For the three-piece - named after one of the group's greatest inspirations and favorite artists The Wonder Years - being given the opportunity to live their dreams of recording music and touring in a pop-punk band means the world. "We all grew up listening to pop-punk legends such as Blink-182, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy and obviously, The Wonder Years," adds guitarist Mike Frohnapfel, continuing confidently and resolutely; "This is what we want to do, this is who we want to be". Such a bold endorsement for pop-punk from a man with experience beyond his years in the world of classical music, having played in multiple state orchestras and performed a cello solo premier at Carnegie Hall aged just 16, is rare.

He isn't the only one. Drummer Orion Burke sits at the end of the table with a quiet air of confidence about him, and speaks with a tone of nothing but modesty, "I have been playing gospel and jazz forever... just performing whatever style of music was available to me. I play like 12 instruments altogether". There is no ego however. simply a collective devotion for the band, as he carries on; "We have to be well-rounded, otherwise it's like a basketball player who only knows how to dribble a ball but can't shoot or play defense". But perhaps it's Virginia Beach local Sarah Camden who pop-punk hits home hardest for; "There aren't too many girls in pop-punk - and I've been a girl in pop-punk as long as I can remember," speaking of her lengthy marriage with the local scene and various high school bands (and even a marching band). Despite this residency, she holds an aspiration close to her heart; "We want to be touring and spreading our positive message. That's home for us."

With management and record label support - having signed to Boston, MA based independent label Apparition Records - the band have much to look forward to as they prepare to enter the studio in mid-June with platinum-certified producer Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, Jack's Mannequin, The Rocket Summer) to record their debut EP. With a tone of secretive excitement, frontwoman Camden hints, "the EP is deeply personal to me and the past few years of my life, but it's relatable. It has a message for everyone to take away, a firm theme." "We're extremely lucky to have the team we do in place. Our manager has opened so many doors for us and the label have been great to us... they gave us a chance before we had any releases to our name. They've been close to us but given us space." The band will be hitting the road in the summer and releasing their debut EP in early fall.

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Early emo kids were the best kind anyway.
about Dec 07 via Twitter
I could listen to Dashboard Confessional all day and not get tired of it and I don't care if that makes me an early emo kid.
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Check out a stream of our album up right now @Absolutepunk (http://t.co/zOEfLzG2) and be sure to grab it for only $5 (http://t.co/tyYpew2i)
about Oct 09 via Twitter
For only $5, you can digitally own our new EP, 'Hold Your Own'. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. http://t.co/tyYpew2i
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Today is 'Hold Your Own' release day! Pick up the album for only $5 at Bandcamp! - http://t.co/tyYpew2i
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Our album is streaming on @Absolutepunk!? What does everyone think?! - http://t.co/zOEfLzG2
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Our new album 'Hold Your Own' is now streaming in full, courtesy of AbsolutePunk! Let us know what y'all think! - http://t.co/zOEfLzG2
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Were all sad about that. RT @tubular_tom: @backtonormalva I HEARD IT. No Orion vocals though, kinda let down.
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Little delay with the album stream, out of our hands... :(
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Damn....lol RT @HoldYourOwnBand: @backtonormalva What did we pre-order? I'm confused
about Oct 08 via Twitter

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  • LastAutumn! said:
    Hey there! My name's Tristen, I'm fifteen and I make acoustic pop music stuff! Please check it out here! :) http://www.purevolume.com/new/LastAutumn Thank you! Dec 12
  • Mightyjoejon said:
    Fans of Rock/Pop-Punk! Just posted Lost, the last song from my new 5 song Ep!!! Come check it out and let me know what you think! http://www.purevolume.com/Drowninginyourwake Dec 12
  • ken_core said:
    more songs please Dec 09
  • Darren Creary said:
    Tommy McPhail Sent Me Dec 08
  • Tim said:
    Tommy McPhail sent me Dec 07
  • breakingyourface said:
    i'm seeing your concert saturday Feb 16
  • whoahhitslaurenn(: said:
    hahaha. great show at the norva, i wish i could have made it. parents flipped about the venue.. LAME. i saw not that kind of person on youtube, you guys were amazing :) Nov 21
  • Sarah Camden said:
    Yeah, you know us! We're so hardcore and yet poppy at the same time! Sep 16
  • whoahhitslaurenn(: said:
    maryland was a ton of fuuun (: "hardcore" a morning of ? Sep 06
  • breakingyourface said:
    yeah! downloads!! Aug 28
  • whoahhitslaurenn(: said:
    haha, finally on purevolume (: Aug 18
  • flyawayraex3 said:
    omg you guys are on here!! yay!! [: youre amazing!!!!!! Aug 15
  • breakingyourface said:
    awesome concert last night! Aug 14
  • breakingyourface said:
    i get to see you guys preform tonight! Aug 13

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