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Traveling to the semi-local hot springs this afternoon. Hoping for as few brain-burrowing, micro organisms as possible .
about Apr 23 via Twitter
What is 4/20?
about Apr 20 via Twitter
Learning some crucial lessons about wood burning. Probably should have chosen a different canvas.
about Apr 07 via Twitter
The sun feeds the soul, thank Gooood
about Apr 01 via Twitter
Holy naps Batman!
about Mar 29 via Twitter
if any of you have been trying to view or website, it is currently under construction. Will be back up soon, promisies
about Mar 23 via Twitter
about Mar 22 via Twitter
Its like we're living in Seattle minus the music scene...
about Mar 16 via Twitter
Music is not a hobby or a thing you do, it is an expression of your truest self, a way of life
about Mar 15 via Twitter
Youth Lagoon at The Reef tonight, don't be square...
about Mar 12 via Twitter

Comments (33)

  • David said:
    It's been a few years since i've been on my PV, came here first thing after i logged in only to find out you guys haven't added anything else..... is the band together? put on pause? what's happening with you guys? i love you music.. Jan 21
  • Beatleslover said:
    Great music, keep it up ! Jan 26
  • xBigBrainx said:
    Hey everybody! My band "Without Time" (Indie Rock/Experimental) just released the first LP album, entitled "Haunted Places"! If this stuff is interesting for you, you can check it out on the official PV page - http://purevolume.com/withouttimeband Thank you! Sep 29
  • Marie said:
    Filthy Halls is ridiculously catchy. Thanks for the awesome tuneage. :D PS. I would not mind if you came to Canada sometime, preferably Winnipeg. That would be stupendous. May 24
  • Bethany Joy said:
    im ready for the next cd already, i love it Feb 15
  • Dani Ylonem Ousanchuck said:
    awesome i like it woaaa woaaaa soo cool =D how im say in panama chucha mansa plena XD Jan 30
  • Ingrid said:
    hey i wrote about you for my website feel free to check it out http://unsignedunleashed.com/post/2917805749 love the music by the way :) Jan 24
  • Jessica Harvey said:
    I Love You Guys! You're Soooo individual!! Jan 24
  • Maxim Martel said:
    Guys, you gonna come here, at montreal ? I need to see AH live ! Such a Dumbass Band ! Keep going ! Jan 21
  • Morgan!!!♡ said:
    i love ittttt!!!!! Jan 18
  • GustavArtur said:
    Nice! ^-^ Jan 16
  • This Trusty Fiend said:
    i like your music..simple, uplifting beat.... Jan 13
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    enjoi Jan 11
  • Titus said:
    Deadman_Living - you're a douche and your spelling is "rediculous" Keep up the awesome work guys, your sound is great Jan 09
  • Shannon W.H said:
    uh-mazing:D Jan 08

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