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Angus and Julia Stone

Folk / Alternative / Acoustic

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Theres an unspoken connection that can only come from sharing a familys history. Angus & Julia Stone come from Newport, Australia and their unique bond is more than evident on their EPs and debut album.

This brother and sister duo take a lifetime of shared experience and create music that resonates with emotion and honesty. A pure sound that says a lot without trying

Both Angus and Julia have distinctive vocal styles, perhaps best described by The Sydney Morning Heralds Bernard Zuel; Her voice has a fractured feel like Jollie Holland; his has a smoke-on-the-beach drawl. And a UK journalist Johnny Sharp said Most impressive though are the songs - simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile.

Angus and Julias decision to collaborate was taken at the beginning of 2006. Prior to that, both had performed as solo artists at open mic nights but utilised the other as a backing partner. Ultimately they came up with the same idea, Why dont we play together? It kind of made a lot of sense. In terms of composing the material, they write on their own, then work together on structure and harmonies. Its clearly a process that works.

This homespun ethic extends to their self-directed videos and artwork too. Mitchell Connelly acts as the bands official photographer and his brother IOSHVA looks after their website and artwork. They are also making their mark on the live scene where one journalist noted that not only were they unnaturally good but they have done more than warm the room they have won it hands down.

Creating evocative, emotional music thats personal and heartfelt, Angus and Julia are set to make waves all over the world with their debut album expected mid 2007.


Chocolates & Cigarettes July 2006
Heart Full Of Wine EP now sold with C&C February 2007
The Beast single August 2007
A Book Like This the debut album September 2007

Chocolates & Cigarettes September 2006
Heart Full of Wine Ep now sold with C&C March 2007
The Beast EP November 2007 only available on Itunes and www.roughtraderecords.com
A Book Like This the debut album out March 2008

Chocolates & Cigarettes October 2007 only available on Itunes

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