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  • Wavves Unveils New Video For "Afraid of Heights"

    Wavves has premiered a brand new video today for "Afraid of Heights." The song is the title track off their new album—also out today!—and they're … Read More »

  • Wavves Debut New Single + Video "Sail to the Sun"

    Wavves are debuting their new single, "Sail to the Sun," with an accompany music video that is sure to make you feel better about your own vices... Read More »

  • Wavves Covers Misfits' "Hybrid Moments"

    Wavves has given the Misfit's "Hybrid Moments" a lo fi, surf rock-inspired makeover. Frontman Nathan Williams posted the tune to twitter last night, as an "ode to the band"... Read More »

  • Wavves Get Crazy in "Bug" Video

    Who but the rascals of Wavves could turn a tame, innocent game night (complete with Monopoly and a Ouija board) into an all out, debauched, totally insane, police-shootout inducing … Read More »


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Can i challenge anyone to a game of soccer any
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Obviously i didn't take any of them but id like to still play. Am i celeb enuf to play a pick up game w like rod stewart? Doubt it :/
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Watching college soccer highlights on espn. A lot of ppl don't know i had 3 scholarships offered to me bc of soccer. Played my whole life.
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Alex and I posted at some college bar in wherever the fuk http://t.co/w0mp6KPl
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Trying to find the POD after party they jus played in a vacant lot with Daughtry teeeheeeeee
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Fuck Ibaka
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Just posted a photo http://t.co/t0TvnYjx
about Dec 07 via Twitter
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Must think positive. Must make it to Champagne Illinois 2 check out their #very rare TGI Fridays
about Dec 07 via Twitter
About to leave Chicago on a tiny plane that is likely to plummet out of the sky into the dirt
about Dec 07 via Twitter



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7:00pm at Paradise
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8:00pm at Irving Plaza
Oct 07

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7:00pm at 9:30 Club
Oct 08

Chapel Hill, NC

7:00pm at Local 506
Oct 09

Athens, GA

7:00pm at 40 Watt

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