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Indie / Folk Rock / Alternative

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Brooklyn, NY





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  • PREMIERE: Watch The Spring Standards' Live Video For "Wildfire Forest"

    In 2012, we named the Spring Standards one of the 10 best unsigned artists. Two of the reasons being the indie pop outlet's motivation and loyal fan base (they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the creation of a live album and reached their goal of $12K within 67 hours)... Read More »

  • The Spring Standards Premiere "Heavy Home" Video

    Brooklyn-based indie rockers The Spring Standards put emotions to the forefront in their new video for "Heavy Home." With the help of a split-screen and soft, dim lighting, the video captures poignant and revealing close-ups of each band member as they make their way through this delicate and heavy-hearted song... Read More »


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yeah! “@ProjectSLC: Very excited to see The @springstandards at @kilbycourt! It's fall break so no excuses, get down here!”
about Oct 09 via Twitter
about Oct 09 via Twitter
The Spring Standards announced more Fall tour dates and a live album! For more info click here: http://t.co/KmQ5VzTI
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Just fed an Alpaca at a gas station in Utah. nbd. http://t.co/NfUnccn0
about Oct 09 via Twitter
REGISTER! VOTE! http://t.co/AegfkPby
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Hey world, does anybody in Salt Lake City feel like having 4 nice musicians on their floor tonight??!!
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Not nearly embarrassed enough at how much I'm enjoying this. http://t.co/e3IX2EOL
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Ok ok!... You duh hoe, Idaho! Jeeeeze...
about Oct 08 via Twitter
What are some fun competitions you would engage in to prove that you are less drunk than your drinking buddy?
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Back-to-back Washington fiestas - Bellingham and Seattle, you brought the love! And did I mention the chocolate...?! http://t.co/7tfRLUUl
about Oct 08 via Twitter

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