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  • The PV List: The Special Goodness — aka Patrick Wilson From Weezer — Picks His Top 10 Heroes and Villains

    When Patrick Wilson's not playing the drums in Weezer, or writing gorgeous solo tunes under his moniker, The Special Goodness, he's a renowned list curator. Okay, not really — but you would think so, judging by the sheer hilarity and bold frankness of this top ten list he's written for us.... Read More »

  • Free MP3: The Special Goodness, aka Weezer's Patrick Wilson's, "Everywhere" — Song of the Day

    Patrick Wilson, best known for his drum work with Weezer, has been making music for years under his solo moniker The Special Goodness. He now returns to the project with a new album, Natural, which he's offering you a taste of with a free download of album track "Everywhere"... Read More »


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step up revolution lol
about Dec 07 via Twitter
it took 4 hours for me to go 80 miles from LA today. sing it with me, "I hate la......WE HATE IT!"
about Dec 07 via Twitter
As a child I was mad at authority, as an adult now I'm just sad for it lol.
about Dec 07 via Twitter
lol Piranha, you can't eat Richard Dreyfuss in the first scene
about Dec 06 via Twitter
i thought nyc was full of badasses until i saw them accept random pat downs
about Dec 06 via Twitter
Curses! foiled again by the secondary ricola wrapper
about Dec 06 via Twitter
man, i was worried Barack was getting bad advice but was relieved when he met with rachael maddow AND al sharpton #whew! #groundhog day
about Dec 05 via Twitter
RT @joshfreese: RIP Dave Brubeck. 92 yrs old. Not a bad run. #takefive
about Dec 05 via Twitter
I'm thinking Black Swan II: Electric Boogaloo
about Dec 03 via Twitter
Califonia: can't fix a road, but the bullet train is gonna be SWEET
about Nov 30 via Twitter



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