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Take Three

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Acoustic / Progressive / Psychedelic

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Blackhawk Village, IA





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Hello Friends ! My name is Korey Wilson, and I enjoy green tea, high fives, and writing music. If my music can make one person's day better every day, I will be satisfied with this music project. If you like what you hear, please tell a friend or 13 !

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Previously the #24 Acoustic Unsigned Artist ! (Help me get back up to that ranking!) Please? :)

I would be nothing without all the support and inspiration I've been given - Thank you so much, this is just the beginning !!


New Studio Song "Thing Called Love" is up ! Be sure to check it out if you have a few minutes. If you're feeling extra supportive, become a PV fan, leave a comment, or simply 'Like' Take Three's Facebook page - I would love your face forever if you did this !

Take Three is a long-awaited music project that should have been around about three years ago. I've learned that indecision and being afraid to try something new won't get us very far in this fast-paced world.

It's a new year and it can be a new you if you need to be. Dream big and make it happen. Today, not 'tomorrow'.

So here's to 2011 and the handful of songs that you may or may not listen to above ! All your support is greatly appreciated as I tiptoe towards my dream of creating a few memorable albums while I'm here. I hope that you will find some inspiration from me and strive to meet all your goals and dreams in life as well.

Thanks for all your support; it means the world to me !

Updates (42)

I finished a nice chorus a week or two ago that I may someday play at a few weddings - It was written by someone... http://t.co/ThG68Wr2
about Apr 30 via Twitter
Posted some new songs ! If you haven't heard 'The Aftermath' I have it up here on Facebook now, and I posted a... http://t.co/vaOCbgb7
about Feb 17 via Twitter
In color - Bringing some life to this old project of mine ! I'll be starting fresh under 'Korey Wilson' instead... http://t.co/jBfnAek3
about Jan 29 via Twitter
New song 'Wake Up' is just about finished - I saved it in a Brand New folder entitled Korey Wilson Music. I'm... http://t.co/pOg770QX
about Jan 22 via Twitter
My New Year's Resolution: To stop being such a perfectionist and start uploading all my songs even though I... http://t.co/xOKdti28
about Jan 04 via Twitter
Smile (:
about Nov 15 via Twitter
Hey Everyone (: Check out my New Layout!!! Also, become a Fan and Enjoy some Good Tunes!!! http://t.co/cMqbiJ7O
about Nov 09 via Twitter
Laying out some lyrics and finally finalizing the T3 EP ! http://t.co/wKEDclqQ
about Oct 30 via Twitter
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/2IEqSadF
about Oct 30 via Twitter
I'm back from vacation ! I learned a lot from it and I'm ready to get serious about my music and make it happen. I... http://t.co/4NwG52lk
about Sep 18 via Twitter

Comments (45)

  • ariana said:
    Dec 03
  • JJ said:
    amazing [: Nov 16
  • star*** said:
    i love yurr songs especially thing called love Nov 15
  • ellen! said:
    wow, heart your music. and the vocals, ahh! so good. Nov 08
  • Kellie-Louise said:
    Well wortH the wait to listen to xD You may have very well just become my favourite band :) x Nov 07
  • kat said:
    like your songs!(: Nov 05
  • Josh Bonanno said:
    http://joshbonanno.bandcamp.com/ Sep 30
  • ariana said:
    good stuff(: Aug 05
  • Eymmy Gabrielly said:
    love your songs! :) Jul 21
  • Corey Marshall said:
    thing called is my favourite song at the moment, you guys rock, let me know when you release more stuff :) Jul 12
  • Mike Ringsdorf said:
    keep rockin that geetar maaaan! Jul 08
  • archangelfilms said:
    oh boy, i luv Thing Called Love, so original! but heres a problem, went on last.fm to search for an artist page of you, and its already taken by some trio. and by the looks of it, they suck. good thing u put ur music on here, rite? Jul 06
  • Sarah Lawrence said:
    You have an amazing voice! All together, your music is awesome!(: Jul 04
  • SimplyDurham(Taken) said:
    I like your music man Jun 27
  • Young Favorite of T. Mills said:
    Thing called love--My favorite :) Jun 27

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