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Acoustic / Folk Rock

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Lyndonville, VT, VT





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  • Tina Mass said:
    Cool Music Apr 12
  • Tina Mass said:
    Cool Music Apr 10
  • Tina Mass said:
    Love this Music Apr 09
  • karen plourde said:
    where are they if you could I would like all of your albums if you could Nov 14
  • karen plourde said:
    your so good you should do the eye of the tiger I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.if you have a chance try to make up a song about me JACK WITH LOVE get back to me Jul 05
  • Kate said:
    I enjoy your music, rather lovely. Keep it up :] Jun 08
  • danielle DeTrude said:
    your awesome!!! how r u not signed yet, and super sexy Sep 29
  • JimK said:
    Yes...I am a fan! This is DAMN good stuff Ry! Nice work out of you, Colin and Davis! Sep 29
  • maggie said:
    just saying, your amazing and i cannot wait till your famous Jul 27
  • meggo said:
    So, I just wanted to tell you that this morning me and lauren went on a dunks run, seeing as the sleepover was last night, and i had one of your songs on my cd. As soon as it came on Lauren freaked out. She was like no way and then made me turn it up. It was great. Jul 21
  • Laurenn said:
    its now April. and your still my favorite artist ever =] just saying. im thinking about letting you hear me sing. but i still havent decided. =P love youuuuu big brotherrrr Apr 12
  • Kara Flanagan said:
  • Harry Washington said:
    total of 105 plays on my ipod... just sayin. and why cant i become a fan of ry on facebook? devastating. Oct 13
  • Emily said:
    1,006 plays?! you're basically famous at this point :) only gunna get better my frienddd keep it up! Oct 13
  • Laurenn said:
    wow. who would have said told you your good and would get 1000 plays? =P me because my damn computer just sat there playing it because you drive me crazy =P you are so lucky we're friends =] Oct 13

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