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This is my music; this is my heart and soul.        

Acoustic / Pop

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  • SayWeCanFly Streams New 'Dandelion Necklace' EP

    We were first introduced to the positive pop-punk of Braden Barrie, aka SayWeCanFly, when he premiered the achingly beautiful "Your Heart Was No Place For a Monster Like Me" music video. A few months later, and he's back with an exclusive full stream of his new EP, Dandelion Necklace. Read More »

  • SayWeCanFly Premieres "Your Heart Was No Place for a Monster Like Me" Video

    Newcomer Braden Barrie, aka, SayWeCanFly has dropped an official music video for his new single "Your Heart Was No Place For a Monster Like Me," and he wants you to be the first to see it. If you've heard the song spinning on his PV profile, you already know it's a pretty and haunting, piano-led piece… Read More »


Hi, my name is Braden. This is my music, this is my heart & soul. I'm just a kid who is all about staying positive, showing you that you are not alone, and never giving up. Let's be friends. :)

management: info@bravadogroupmgmt.com

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Filming for the music video of Seventeen starts next week. Wuddup. <3
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Just. You know. Sippin some roibis tea.
about Oct 02 via Twitter
One of my favourite Chase Coy songs is called Interlude and all he does is go "la la la" but it's so beautiful.
about Sep 30 via Twitter
Just saw two women screaming at and insulting eachother at Wal Mart. The world could be so much better.
about Sep 29 via Twitter
Am I the only one who has been sprayed by a stinkbug and thinks it smells like a banana?
about Sep 28 via Twitter
Workout-shower-pizza-family guy. The night is treating me well
about Sep 27 via Twitter
I love days like this when I feel super inspired for no reason
about Sep 27 via Twitter
I almost lost a good friend of mine to a car accident today. Never take for granted the ones who care about you.
about Sep 26 via Twitter
Out for dinner with my mom, I don't see her very often so this is nice (:
about Sep 25 via Twitter
Just posted a little video about my motivations on my blog channel :) much love <3 http://t.co/KGdRGzWJ http://t.co/yGndYSG2
about Sep 24 via Twitter

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    Just posted a little video about my motivations on my blog channel :) much love http://t.co/Dsgj7yo1gY http://t.co/HP6cOEAQFG http://t.co/hU18K3rdWI http://t.co/LhHFaXiiiT http://t.co/SxjheJfLfe http://t.co/ZPPNp0QbWK Apr 15
  • mburger said:
    One of the first artists on the Top Songs that really sounds like a great band. You guys have a similar sound to another band I love, The Almost. This reminds me of their debut album "Southern Weather". Well done, I love it. Apr 01
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Events (6)

Sep 30

Montreal, 10

7:00pm at Piranha Bar
Oct 01

Ottawa, ON

6:30pm at Rainbow
Oct 02

Kingston, ON

6:30pm at Overtime
Oct 03

Lindsay, 08

6:00pm at The Armories (North Room)
Oct 04

Brantford, 08

7:00pm at Charlie's

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