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  • Royal Teeth Are Performing "Wild" On American Idol March 20

    No, that is not a typo. Royal Teeth are performing their single, "Wild," on American Idol this Thursday, March 20. Coming off a successful SXSW run (we named them on of this year's must-see acts), AI judge Harry Connick Jr. personally picked the indie pop quintet to play... Read More »

  • PureVolume at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Soundwave Tent

    Heading to New Orleans for the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience this year? PureVolume wants to see you at our SpinMedia + Toyota Soundwave Tent on the festival grounds daily on November 1-3. Read More »

  • Royal Teeth Announce US Tour With the Mowgli's

    New Orleans six-piece Royal Teeth have announced that they will be hitting the road this November with The Mowgli's. The band, who recently condluded a tour with Said the … Read More »

  • Download Royal Teeth's "Wild" and Stream the Full EP [Free Music]

    Royal Teeth sound like they're about four seconds away from being huge. Indie-huge, but huge. Their sound is refined and sincerely fun-loving, and hand-clap-tastic lead single "Wild" has so … Read More »

More often than not, Royal Teeth tries something, and despite the odds or apparent roadblocks, it simply works. Recruit a lead vocalist who has never been in a band before? Check. Record a cover of a popular, mega-selling single for the band’s first studio EP? Why not? High on the release of their new EP “Act Naturally”, the vocal duo of Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson provide heartfelt lyrics as the 6 piece band of musicians travel through lavish soundscapes via a synth-infused sound boasting a brand all to itself that’s not quite “dance pop” and not quite electronic. Leadoff track “Wild” finds Patterson’s crystalline vocal hooks bounding in joyous romps over Larsen’s grounded narrative. “I believe I can make you scream for me,” she sings, like a little girl flirting on the playground with her fingers firmly crossed behind her back. The band’s bold, warmed-up rendition of The Knife’s 2003 chilled-out club single “Heartbeats” sounds like a long-lost New Wave hit from the early 1980s, bubbling over with dance floor pulses and thick kick drum echoes. Royal Teeth effortlessly makes this familiar song its own without having to radically reinvent the style of the track or compromise the character of the band. In fact, Royal Teeth’s musicians are only interested in being themselves. And if making music and having audiences respond well is a difficult thing, it’s news to them. Larsen adds, “Everything about this band has been easy so far. Lots of people do the guy-girl vocals thing, but we felt that we could take our own swing at it.” Royal Teeth makes music for adventures with one ultimate goal: follow their instincts and just enjoy the ride.

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GLOW 8.13.2013

Our debut LP, GLOW, will be released on August 13, 2013 on Dangerbird Records! Pre-order info coming soon! more
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RT @Jodiborson: @altnation please, let's get @RoyalTeethMusic "wild" into the top 10. I'd love to hear their Christmas song!
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Christmas song is done! Get us in @altnation's Top10 and we will release it early! Tweet "royal teeth wild #alt18" to request!
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  • Rawan said:
    wooow Jan 04
  • hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia said:
    Thought stream on "Wild": Nice intro ... fun, peppy beat ... (feeling the mood) ... vocal variety (yay) ... vocal range (good) ... male and female vocals blending (beautiful) ... appreciate range of notes (very dynamic) ... high, female notes in background (like) ... basic melody could change in places as well, like the vocals do (it'd be a little more interesting, but not that important) ... solo area, where percussion is in foreground of song wasn't as fun as when the vocals are at their peak ... enjoy the ending fade, though. Oct 28
  • btcmalls79 said:
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  • Julieann said:
    I definitely like your sound! Excited for GLOW!!! :D Jul 20
  • Jake Toscano said:
    Hi! If you like acoustic alternative music and artists like Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Ben Howard, and want to hear something new, check out The Overnighters at www.purevolume.com/TheOvernighters Feb 28
  • Shireen said:
    FIFA13 and Alt. Nation brought me here :) Oct 11
  • murmi said:
    I feel like a creepy facebook stalker for "hearting" all the songs, but I'm doing it anyway. ;) May 10
  • chingxz said:
    your songs sing me to sleep. your music is very much appreciated. ♥♥♥ Nov 22
  • Keith said:
    btw wild is pretty wild! pun intended Oct 17
  • Keith said:
    whats up! leme know what you think of my pop/punk band from St. Louis! www.purevolume.com/aaahrealmonsters Oct 17
  • Alyooops! said:
    Im your 10th fan :) Oct 12
  • David said:
    Wow. It's like a dream coming true! I might be not well informed since I live far away (Canada), but when OhJ separated, I was really sad. I didn't know you all came back through Royal Teeth. Looking forward to ear more! Jul 28

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Feb 20

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7:00pm at Varsity Theatre
Mar 02

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5:00pm at YLC Wednesday At The Square
Apr 24

New Orleans, LA  New 

12:00pm at Jazz & Heritage Festival

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