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Paolo Lim

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Acoustic / Alternative / Indie

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Manila, Philippines





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"close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow, I'll miss you." check our cover of "all my loving" by The Beatles out! http://t.co/fCShBP7q
about Oct 10 via Twitter
back on stage this sunday! can't wait!!
about Oct 10 via Twitter
can't wait to watch ateneo win tomorrow... on my tv because I wasn't able to get a ticket. oh well. #OBF #5peat
about Oct 10 via Twitter
bob marley in the morning. #chill
about Oct 09 via Twitter
already in the classroom. breakfast while cramming my homework! the daily routine
about Oct 09 via Twitter
gonna sleep by 8. I'll just cram my homework in the morning. hehe #chill
about Oct 09 via Twitter
gym now. ahhh, half-day tuesdays.
about Oct 08 via Twitter
breakfast here in the classroom. can't wait to go home!!
about Oct 08 via Twitter
up early to study. D:
about Oct 08 via Twitter
watching victorious. he he
about Oct 08 via Twitter

Comments (17)

  • jedagamalong said:
    you are so talented! so love your voice :) Mar 02
  • Fralalalove‚ô• said:
    OMG. Ang galing mo. @-) Dec 27
  • Alexander Casper Enriquez said:
    Dec 09
  • M. Couch said:
    love your cover of swing, swing :) Nov 08
  • Peewee Lim said:
    Your the MAN! Tito Peewee Aug 25
  • aaron said:
    mas magaling ako!! Aug 12
  • Hohoness said:
    hmmm.. super pro na ah! =D> Jun 17
  • leni said:
    hey buddy.. Apr 27
  • kingkong1241 said:
    Get off the stage! Feb 24
  • Hohoness said:
    126 plays ka palang e... :| pero ROCKSTAR pa rin... B-) Feb 19
  • asdfghjkl said:
    Idol Feb 15
  • marky said:
    hi paolo, This is tito mark, a friend of your dad...good job with the song..keep it up..looking forward to more song postings and maybe in the near future, a CD launch....good luck and enjoy the music!! Feb 15
  • kingkong1241 said:
    Paturo naman Paolo. :| Feb 13
  • Hohoness said:
    Hello to all of you! :-h ;) I as of now am the manager of Mr. Paolo Lim! ;) so yea... :))))) =)))) Feb 11
  • Hohoness said:
    Limba medyo malabo yung boses mo pero LIMBA pa rin! Feb 11

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