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PureVolume used to let me link my twitter so that anything I'd tweet would show up here but it seems they no longer do that. All posts below are from 2012 and older, so… more
about Feb 25 via PureVolume
WoW Movie Watch spot lights our video... http://t.co/QQ8Gld5P
about Aug 22 via Twitter
If Women Ruled WoW Part 2 is up! http://t.co/hOAOUcY4 http://t.co/fYLnKmw1
about Aug 21 via Twitter
Good news is that "If Women Ruled WoW" ep. 2 is complete! bad news is we have to wait a week b4 we can upload it.... http://t.co/BhDU2Hv8
about Aug 12 via Twitter
I was rescued by @druidboymusic ! Evil kittens plans to lock us out on balcony & loot the rotisserie chicken have failed! /victory dance
about Aug 05 via Twitter
Wow, our cats locked nation & I out on the balcony! They dropped the door stick! Thank god were on the 1st floor & he has the keys in pocket
about Aug 05 via Twitter
giving the kitchen some character... http://t.co/OKWfN2Vw
about Aug 02 via Twitter
Yoshi MacBook decal art! <3 it! http://t.co/SvkgmcAZ
about Aug 02 via Twitter
pics of the new place! http://t.co/ICSjBVGe
about Jul 27 via Twitter
Getting our super duper turbo cable internet hooked up now! F-yeaa!
about Jul 26 via Twitter

Comments (206)

  • Sophia Panther said:
    great Music to listen Nov 23
  • Petra Arter said:
    sounds great Nov 22
  • marksrecycling said:
    amazing Nov 14
  • Marylin said:
    I like it Nov 09
  • Mohamed said:
    nice Oct 07
  • midowils said:
    very awesome Oct 01
  • tatarouste said:
    Nice !! Sep 10
  • Hassan said:
    Woow ! impressive Sep 01
  • Ahmed Magdy said:
    excellent Jul 12
  • Celine said:
    Where can we get more music like this? I love to play games to this kind of music. Thanks for sharing! Celine | http://www.goldmountaintrading.com/custom-buckles-ws.html Jan 20
  • Avaeksperdid said:
    :-) really love it Jan 17
  • Michael said:
  • Chester Maitri said:
    When's the next song coming out? Just discovered your music and I Love it! Jun 13
  • GoAnimate60 said:
    What the hell ppl the last comment was on aug 28 why gigi is the most awesome rapper on earth -,- Apr 23
  • Crystal said:
    I cant wait to level to your new song. Just imagine the amount of people who will be! Aug 28

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