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Mathieu Santos

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  • Hear the Debut Record from Ra Ra Riot Bassist Mathieu Santos

    As the bassist for orchestral pop quintet Ra Ra Riot, Mathieu Santos has been around the world and back. Sometimes it's necessary to return to one place for awhile, however, which is exactly what was the catalyst for the creation of Massachusettes 2010, Santos' debut solo record. Read More »

The songs that compose Massachusetts 2010 were first written – you guessed it – last year in the great state of Massachusetts. Following their recording, however, those demos were set aside and left to sit while Santos spent time on the road with his main band. In the winter and spring of 2011, he returned to the 10 songs with fresh perspective and a critical distance from the context in which they were originally written. Originally trained as a painter and applying his visual artist’s focus on only the most essential compositional elements, Santos borrowed a friend’s guesthouse in rural New Jersey where he finalized the album in just a few days. He worked quickly, maintaining the impulsive freedom of the original writing process but stripping down the palette and creating an arresting sonic environment that sparkles with tantalizing abstract imagery and finely-observed details, set against a backdrop of wide open spaces. Santos sings with an echoing, bounding tenderness on opener “I Can Hear The Trains Coming,” and its balance of youthful exuberance and skillful elegance sets the tone for the rest of the album. Spritely vocals bounce off stark arrangements, the instrumentation referencing the natural musicality of ordinary things—from seagull shrieks to dial-up modem rings. As the album title suggests, these songs represent a particular time and place for Santos, and although the lyrics are largely impressionistic, phrases emerge regularly to make the album resonate with echoes of warmth, loneliness, love, regret, loss, and joy. Even if you weren’t there then, Massachusetts 2010 is a place and time that anyone with ears and a heart can hear and feel.

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Anyone else catching this insane fan at the Kings/Coyotes game? It's awesome.
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"I always thought Reagan was a gay-wad." -John McCain
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Magic everywhere in this bitch
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Passed by a deli selling "LOL CHEESE"
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