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Let Bygons Be Hexagons [Mac'n On Ya Girl Part.2 Mixtape FREE]


Rap / Comedy / Post Hardcore

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  • Kris Koelewijn said:
    i love the picture and the new song "arizona iced tea" i love that stuff. i drink about a gallon bottle in less than 2 days. im glad someone agrees with me (: May 17
  • DC Brown said:
    you should do a remix of look at me now by chris brown or a remix of roll up by wiz khalifa May 01
  • A-ROM! said:
    "ARIZONA, ARIZONA, ARIZONA!" It was hot! What I liked was that all the lyrics related to the main theme; unlike Lil Wayne when he just says stuff b/c it rhymes. Jay Izz rhymes were sick; I didn't know he had skills. The chorus could of been a tad bit tigher in it's delivery. (More in unison) But other than that, it was a hot song. Let's gooo! :D Feb 05
  • Aspen Nguyen said:
    I love G6, hillarious. Jan 25
  • katie drakulich said:
    heyy i was checking out your stuf your really good. Jan 12
  • Lars Honeytoast said:
    Good shit. Dec 22

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