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TheLastAutumn is a solo acoustic/pop/indy project started by me, Tristen Stafford in June of 2011. Since then, I’ve released The Demo EP, The FancyPantaloons EP, The Peacenick EP, and TheLifeEP all recorded in my bedroom, haha. This new EP, The Sunshine EP, is said to drop sometime in either late March or early April. I really hope you guys and gals dig my music, because there’s always more tunes in the future. No matter the circumstances. <3
Thanks for all your support guys, you’re honestly the best people ever. <3

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Posted my first song since like July, So check it out I guess. <3 http://t.co/eDLP9HuT
about Oct 03 via Twitter
Guess what came in the mail!?! TheLastAutumn tees are finally here! :DD http://t.co/uKYVLBLD
about Aug 31 via Twitter
Going to have 300 followers by Monday... #singlegirlswag #independentwoman #dontneednoman
about Aug 31 via Twitter
#ayegurlyouresofineandiwannabuyyoupancakes http://t.co/fGZ3ke3Z
about Jul 16 via Twitter
Oh hey, I'm on Spotify now! http://t.co/sV14e4cE
about Jul 02 via Twitter
Feelin' pretty down on myself. Haha.
about Jul 02 via Twitter
Finally! I'm on Amazon! :) http://t.co/Zv5GXXpc
about Jul 01 via Twitter
Be. You. #TheHelloHelloEP http://t.co/OmsjL20g
about Jun 29 via Twitter
Let's get an early start to listening and boosting my way to the top 10 :) http://t.co/iNWkCOLi
about Jun 28 via Twitter
Maybe one day I'll make it... http://t.co/KbgmuO32
about Jun 27 via Twitter

Comments (16)

  • tamgiaymt said:
    The song is wonderful, I also have one to share you all. Check me Giày nam Apr 11
  • Kelsey said:
    Hey! Just wanted to say that you're great and super adorable. :) Jun 28
  • Jeannie said:
    Awesome! Jun 13
  • Zach said:
    love your music :) Mar 27
  • Drubu said:
    If you like TheLastAutumn! you may like my new song. Its the first release of mine and isnt the best, but I'll release more when i get more views. Just check it out :) http://www.purevolume.com/TheLoveofHate72667 Got bored Tristan so i searched for some of that inspiration Feb 21
  • Kalyn said:
    I know I commented a bit ago, but I thought I'd just say that I'm in LOVE with "Wishlist" Dec 14
  • John Ryan said:
    Help me out? http://www.purevolume.com/JohnRyan Oct 16
  • Claire said:
    Love your music Tristan see you at school monday :D Oct 14
  • Kalyn said:
    your music is awesome!!! PS. I love your sweater Oct 03
  • maybe its mavaline! said:
    aw kinda liike nevershoutnever...ur amazing Sep 30
  • Drubu said:
    15th today, making your way up there ;) Sep 29
  • Juliaa said:
    Love , love, love your voicee(: Sep 27
  • MariahEllennn said:
    I really like your stuff, Tristen! (: Catchy!! Sep 14
  • Ed Allison said:
    Good stuff, my friend, and thank you for not shoving religion down my throat. I really like Dear Whoever, but the other two are just a little too cutesy for me. I'd like to see more stuff like that in the future. Jul 09
  • kylie said:
    this is an awsome band :D and btw... you are really hott lol Jul 06

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