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Kat Parsons

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  • Kat Parsons Talks 'Reality vs. Fantasy' in our PV Q&A

    Kat Parsons may be a dreamer, but the fierce passion and strong creativity that comes along with that have led her to a very sweet reality these days. We had a chance to catch up with the singer/songwriter, and the result was one of PV's more empowering Q&A's... Read More »

  • Free Music: Kat Parsons' "Talk to Me"

    Kat Parsons is shaking the grounds of pop with fiercly melodic vocals and a sound that still hints towards rock. Her new song "Talk to Me" wears its heart on its sleeve with sweet melodies, dreamy instrumentation, and just a touch of longing... Read More »


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Today's favorite quote about the album: "...it invokes for me a feeling not unlike eating marshmallows from some magically bottomless bag w…
about Oct 09 via Twitter
I talk about the making of the album and life in a blog post on ASCAP's We Create Music. Check it out! http://t.co/yXBY4gIY
about Oct 09 via Twitter
"Oh!" is released TODAY...so excited you guys are getting all of your copies! Lessthan72Hoursleft!http://t.co/15X4s8w0 http://t.co/U7aPunN5
about Oct 09 via Twitter
"Oh" just went LIVE RIGHT NOW! Get FREE bonus songs for ONLY 72 hours, here: http://t.co/15X4s8w0 The clock is ticking! http://t.co/1hABGE8G
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Cupcakes are involved in TOMORROW'S grand unveiling and release of "Oh!". At long last!! http://t.co/hgmZck0Y
about Oct 08 via Twitter
about Oct 08 via Twitter
"Oh!" goes LIVE TOMORROW!!!! 9am PST/ 12 EST here: http://t.co/15X4s8w0 http://t.co/Re5PdzIS
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Late night video message about the release!!! http://t.co/yv29ISCd
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Just Interviewed with Justin @FearlessRadio: http://t.co/MSPrAukr
about Oct 07 via Twitter
2 DAYS til release of "Oh!". Get yourself ready for Tuesday at 12pm EST/9am PST!!! http://t.co/zpK7ymog
about Oct 07 via Twitter

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