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Hey guys! Purevolume used to allow Twitter to auto update this page, and I was hoping it would come back. But since Twitter is no longer connected to Purevolume, please… more
about Aug 29 via PureVolume
"I like it when you sing high... XD ...Oh! You know what I mean!!!" -@nukufox I lol'd.
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Oh, hello random rain. Where the heck did you come from? XD
about Oct 09 via Twitter
And lookie! Tobacco-free "shisha" rocks?!?! For fun flavor-smoking with no tobacco? http://t.co/yXOj8GzG
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Gonna try this new shisha flavor "OMG" tonight. :3 #hookah http://t.co/iFwCZSTT
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Ok AOL "Lifestream"... Turning THAT shit off.
about Oct 07 via Twitter
I miss my border collie baby mutt puppo. *sigh* http://t.co/TuS8RSXL
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Chimay Cinq Cents + Me = drunk. Why are you so tastey, Chimay?!?!
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Wanna know my real name? :3 That's a garnet by the way, which is NOT my birthstone. Red was my favorite colo http://t.co/1Phb3POD
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Gettin mah hair did. http://t.co/WyaCKZJF
about Oct 06 via Twitter

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