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Heartbreak City


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So excited to announce I am officially part of the one percent team! Going to do BIG things. @FRISCOLOPEZ @MaliksDreams
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Fire cundiff now
about Oct 07 via Twitter
bruno mars new song is sooooo good. #thepolice
about Oct 05 via Twitter
Cundiff got away with murder. Seriously have a heart condition from this game
about Sep 30 via Twitter
Wow the end of this game is absurd
about Sep 24 via Twitter
I believe theres a god above me... Im just the god of everything else
about Sep 24 via Twitter
Only real thing is music. Cant trust anything else. The rest is just noise. Fake.
about Sep 21 via Twitter
That moment you learn the person you trusted all along was/is a liar
about Sep 21 via Twitter
Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is wrong
about Sep 20 via Twitter
Followed by ocean avenue @brendito8 #fatdoctors
about Sep 17 via Twitter

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  • Ravynator said:
    You need to put some free downloads up ! Jan 01
  • Tori Dassler said:
    :)) love itttt!!! Jan 09
  • ʝυʟɪє said:
    Rocket To The Moon♥ Favoritee songgg(: Aug 01
  • LastAutumn! said:
    Please check this out! http://www.purevolume.com/LastAutumn Jul 05
  • O.oVampire said:
    Hey check out my band, plz! purevolume.com/trse May 18
  • maybe its mavaline! said:
    the beats so sick xD May 06
  • Survivethenight! said:
    Hey, if your a fan of Breathe Carolina, Blood on the Dance Floor, The Ready Set, or Kill Paradise, check out my music :D i think you'll like it :) http://purevolume.com/survivethenight62836 Jan 28
  • willshellz said:
    You guys are really good! How does my solo project compare? catchy instrumentals, popular song parodies, and comedy rap! [[FREE DOWNLOADS]] www.purevolume.com/sandboxczar Jan 24
  • dee apple said:
    love the music! Jan 23
  • Cody S. said:
    Free Hardcore cover of "Fireflies" purevolume.com/thenthedaycame And new music off our brand new cd Jan 21
  • Valluhree:) said:
    lovinnn the music bro! Jan 21
  • Jared Buller-Kormos said:
    Check out some City Virtue!! http://www.purevolume.com/CityVirtue Jan 20
  • PandaBearMarie said:
    omg! Jan 20
  • Owen Clay(Breath of Eden) said:
    New Songs "The Journey" rough version and "Find Me Alive" are up now! give it a listen and tell us what you think! http://www.purevolume.com/Shutters Jan 19
  • Ravynator said:
    Amazingg! Put some free mp3's up here please? (: Jan 19

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