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Lafayette, LA






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  • Xavier ☮ (@Xaviercamejo) said:
    Beautiful! Jan 08
  • Shireen said:
    Saw you guys last night on Jimmie Kimmel. Great sound! Sep 30
  • Carolina ;) said:
    Cool! Oct 03
  • Gordie said:
    woah there, slow down motherlicker. this is more regge than i expected from buncha honkeys. i like. this music make me flatulent much. Oct 03
  • i.am.bryanna said:
    your music sounds gorgeous. Put up more songs? :) Sep 30
  • !The Carla Conspiracy! said:
    Oh yes. I love this with all of my heart. Sep 27
  • Erika said:
    If you want to hear ACTUALLY GOOD bands like this one then check out Calibrate Me . They are so good and super cute! Sep 10
  • Katiie Rincon said:
    this is awesome Sep 10
  • Taylor! said:
    Hey! If your want to hear some new edgy acoustic music with some sweet beans boy/girl vocals check out our new songs "The Turn" & "My Own Strength" from our debut EP that is about to be released! We also have free downloads of our old songs! :) http://www.purevolume.com/goodbyetofarewells Sep 10
  • Punk House Media said:
    Want some FREE music from one of the best bands in Baltimore? Check out Fiction 20 Down on PV and grab a free download! www.purevolume.com/Fiction20Down www.f20d.bandcamp.com Sep 09
  • Erika said:
    If you like ACTUALLY good bands like this one then check out Clibrate Me . They are awesome and so cute! Sep 08
  • justo said:
    hey if your into acoustic/indie music check out my tunes www.purevolume/justobell thanks! Sep 07
  • Hildalgo Eskibar said:
    ALWAYS FREE DOWNLOADS!!! Indie/Folk www.purevolume.com/michaelboise Sep 07
  • lexxii_xoxo said:
    wow. you NEED to listen to Aren David! omg omg he has such an amazing sound im sorry if im spamming but hes just so good. i want to share him with everyone! www.purevolume.com/thearendavid Sep 06
  • Ed Allison said:
    Wow. Your music is so incredibly chill it's the rebirth of music that doesn't have to be angry. It's so cool, Beatles-esque and almost ethereal that it makes me think mother nature is playing to me. Bravo dudes and dudettes. I love "Saw You First." Sep 06

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