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Forget Tomorrow

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Post Hardcore / Screamo / Hardcore

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Listen and read along with the lyrics here: http://t.co/R0zVFQ6Z Download it for FREE... http://t.co/KGhFbUBD
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Our new song "Never Again" is already #4 on the Purevolume Top Downloads chart. Lets get it to #1 http://t.co/HmcoCTTd http://t.co/ewUZnlsX
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Let us know what you think about our new song! What do you like best? What would you want changed? Go!... http://t.co/M6NJReXo
about Oct 08 via Twitter
If you missed it yesterday we released a lyric video to our NEW SONG "Never Again" Let us know what you think!... http://t.co/AtjmwHd9
about Oct 08 via Twitter
We love all our fans so much. Already got 101 downloads of our new single "Never Again" on our Purevolume page. Keep em coming<3 #NeverAgain
about Oct 07 via Twitter
OUR NEW SINGLE "NEVER AGAIN" DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE HERE: http://t.co/OobG6sOT... http://t.co/zB14mBE3
about Oct 07 via Twitter
The new song is being released in LESS than a hour! Make sure to be glued to your computers!
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Since you all wanted us to we WILL be putting our NEW SONG "Never Again" up for FREE DOWNLOAD when we release it... http://t.co/BPd8AH40
about Oct 05 via Twitter
We think this is easily our best song we wrote yet! Here it first THIS Sunday and let us know what you think!... http://t.co/1MQ8TrOn
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Should we put our new song "Never Again" up for FREE DOWNLOAD when we release it this Sunday October 7th? You tell us!
about Oct 03 via Twitter

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    Nice songs Aug 31
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    Great songs! Aug 26
  • Esteph said:
    Nice ! Jul 04
  • Jankhe M said:
    wow Nov 19
  • stephannie said:
    fillthy Apr 01
  • Adepte said:
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    sick!! Nov 22
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  • Charles Johansson said:
    Hey please check this out ;) http://www.purevolume.com/BeforeNightFalls50059 Feb 11
  • Zandra'Hxc &ThePigsCanSing♥♪ said:
    the COVER is amazing lol Feb 03
  • chelsea said:
    I might forget tommorow,but not this band. Nov 18

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