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Demi Lovato

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Just because it's put in quotation marks doesn't mean I said it.
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Oooph that was bad......
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Just came up with a new motto.... Life is too amazing to be complainzing!!!..... Yes? No..? :l
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Yayyyy look what came in the mail!!! http://t.co/PLI8aaEO
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Just found this picture from when I was 16... Haha bangggss!!! E:) http://t.co/YxzoKVq2
about Oct 08 via Twitter
See you soon @jimmykimmel!!:)
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Today is a great day....it's @SimonCowell's birthday which means he's even OLDER now!!! #HappyBirthdaySimon
about Oct 07 via Twitter
Almost everything I stand for has been said by Jennifer Livingston in the video below.. Please watch this and retweet..
about Oct 05 via Twitter
http://t.co/TqbHJE2q Jennifer Livingston is a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and inspiring woman... Please watch this video..
about Oct 05 via Twitter
Thanks for watching @TheXFactorUSA with me guys! Lets do it again next Wednesday at 8/7c
about Oct 04 via Twitter

Comments (45)

  • SneakyFoxGirl said:
    can you put unbroken on your album please Aug 11
  • AjAddison said:
    Cher Lloyd - Oath ft. Becky Gomez http://youtu.be/Cqz713hhz1Y Oct 14
  • AjAddison said:
    Becky Gomez-She is a new singer and rapper. http://youtu.be/gUfbERSaYBs Oct 14
  • AjAddison said:
    Katie Heath - She is a new Christian singer. http://youtu.be/jkCx4bvr5jE Oct 14
  • Emo Kitten said:
    Hey check out this band at purevolume.com/rse or check them out on facebook. Nov 24
  • china said:
    i can tell this is fake. but i'll let you live, for now ;) Jul 11
  • Destiales♥ said:
    This isn't even a real account. But that's a pretty picture of her though. Dec 28
  • Mikaila said:
    Get well soon! The world needs more of your music! Dec 24
  • Dj said:
    I love your music Demi!!!! Please feel better soon!!!!! muchhh love!!! -Dj Dec 09
  • Aw5c17a96xANh52dD0DKr4haPYP6I said:
    get better soon demi!! Dec 08
  • jazzygirl:) said:
    heyy you are awesome i love selena gomez 2 Aug 09
  • Mike Flores said:
    U rock!! Aug 03
  • Ruama said:
    brazil misses you ! Jul 02
  • Kaylie Rojas said:
    :O Where is Dont Forget ?? Or Catch me ? :( Jun 11
  • Mandy Ramos said:
    It's lovely to post here her songs darling but don't act like you are her :) Apr 03

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