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Car Party

PATTERNS // 10.16.12        

Pop / Alternative / Indie

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Baltimore, MD





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  • Car Party Release Teaser Video for New Album 'Patterns'

    Baltimore-based indie pop quartet Car Party have released a new video teaser to announce their new album, Patterns. The video features behind-the-scenes clips of the band jamming out in the studio... Read More »

  • Car Party's "Dollar Sign" -- Song of the Day

    Car Party's new single, "Dollar Sign," is calling someone out on their materialistic tendencies, but doing so in a hand-clappy, guitar-driven way. From the impassioned vocals and pretty harmonies… Read More »

  • Download Car Party's "Please Me" feat. The Early November's Ace Enders

    Car Party are aiming to please you with a free download of their jam "Please Me." Will they succeed? Will they fail? One thing's for sure -- a feature spot from Ace Enders... Read More »


Updates (841)

Ohio was just a huge wall of awesome! #pinkyout #ealastcall #carparty http://t.co/bNUH3plQ
about Dec 07 via Twitter
What should we do to Nick while he's asleep? http://t.co/d8Vh0DMR
about Dec 07 via Twitter
RT @AfterDarkEvents: Don't miss @EveryAvenue 's last ever show in Buffalo!!! This Sunday at @mohawkplace with WILSON, @SetItOff , and @c ...
about Dec 07 via Twitter
Canton, Ohio tonight!!! Excited to see some of our favorites tonight<3
about Dec 07 via Twitter
RT @TheSinclair: Tue 12/11 @EveryAvenue w/ @SetItOff, @ConditionsBand, @CarParty has been moved to @TTtheBears. All tix honored. Info: h ...
about Dec 06 via Twitter
New friends, old friends, whoever sees this... WHAT'S UP?! Keep us company on an 8 hour drive!
about Dec 06 via Twitter
Minnesota, I know it's only the second night of the tour... Is it too son to say that we're in like with you http://t.co/py3cDqpm
about Dec 05 via Twitter
Sound checking, getting stoked for Minneapolis! http://t.co/ixgM8V6T
about Dec 05 via Twitter

New single 'HOPELESS'

Click HERE to watch the lyric video. 

about Oct 12 via PureVolume
Brand Spankin' new song: 'Hopeless' from Patterns! http://t.co/V2EwFTYm
about Oct 09 via Twitter

Comments (89)

  • MeredithRianne said:
    you guys sound so good! :) Dec 11
  • Calm Anarchy Promotions said:
    Would you guys be interested in doing an live Interview for Calm Anarchy Promotions Online Radio Station. www.calmanarchypromotions.com/online-radio.html Apr 26
  • John said:
    You guys can certainly bring it, love his voice. Apr 08
  • ashley said:
    Love you guys! Amazing music! Nov 03
  • casey.worple said:
    you guys are great!!! One of my favs!!! Keep doing what you do!!!! Aug 18
  • Morgan said:
    Love it, keep up the good work! Aug 01
  • Starsinmysky said:
    The music is amazing guys, great work! Jul 24
  • Serg said:
    sounds really good Jul 06
  • Who Cares? said:
    Wow, great sound. It's different, which I like. A breath of fresh air really, I'm a fan for sure. (: Jun 27
  • KaylaEatsAirplane said:
    Woah, I really like you're sound. I'm a fan Jun 26
  • ☮ale☮ said:
    i agree with ppl here this is great :D Jun 24
  • Princess said:
    I love you guys music :D Jun 24
  • Deedee said:
    damn you guys are awesome =D keep it up :) Jun 24
  • Jamie Ann said:
    love your songs!!! awesome!!!! :D Jun 22
  • Hannah's Heartbeat said:
    you guys are awesome! Jun 21

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