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Bebe Cool


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Kampala, Uganda





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  • Kamulegeya said:
    Bebe your music with bashment will rock the whole continent please give Africa more ziki like you used to do bashment can wipe out Nigerians and some Jamaicans respect Aug 24
  • Kamulegeya said:
    Big respect man am here in Cardiff I lov your ziki raster.Please crush kadingo musically as much as you can raster respect Aug 24
  • Mathias said:
    Yo better than dem yuh real dweet it fi mi Aug 17
  • Bryan Reeves. said:
    We also waitin' fi d gret club bangger frm d E.A.B.C. Gret work , d sky iz d limit. May 17
  • Fleming Superflex said:
    this guy is headed for the global lyrical life...maybe bebe you need to chill this cheap local stuff. Big ups. Apr 28
  • Rasta Simon said:
    @ Joseph Washington. I dont want to have a go at you but your comment is unfair and not polite. It will upset Bebe Cool, please remove it. We are all Ugandan we dont like to make conflicts or upset everyone. Thanks Rasta Simon Apr 27
  • Bryanz said:
    1 big RAS..................nuh buay badda dan yuuuuuuuuuuuuuh Apr 26
  • Peter said:
    Level to level, class, talent and masage. Go boss u deserve greatness. Mar 28
  • gladys said:
    bebecool u cn mak it 2 anywea u wish 2 Mar 24
  • gladys said:
    theres no limit wit talent Rasta. Legooo Mar 21
  • waibale maynard said:
    bebe you are the best Mar 20
  • Ki'emba said:
    ur my billboard guy hey of 2012.....................big up wiz kabakamwako Jun 04

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